Internet Explorer 9 is released … _9_browser … ts/ie/home

Anyone tried it? I don’t use Windows anymore, but it comes with a number of improvements over older versions of IE. If you use Windows it might be worth giving it a shot.

If you’re an IE user, the videos in the Videos section should now play in your web browser (no Flash player required). I haven’t tried it myself yet, so let me know if there are any further issues playing videos on TWOTA.

I installed it just for the hell of it. Going to a video page just says “Your browser does not support the video element” for me. Is there some plugin other than flash needed (I haven’t installed flash either for it yet). They work fine in Firefox.

Weird, I’ll look into that. The videos should play natively in IE9.

By the way, which operating system are you using, Al3x? Vista or Windows 7? Until I get hold of a copy of either of those operating systems I won’t be able to test this myself, but I’ll do some research into the problem.

Other that this issue, how is IE9 when it comes to features and the user experience? Anything that stands out for you? Chrome has been my browser of choice for a while; no plans to switch back, but I’m curious to know what I’m missing on the “other side”.

Windows 7, 64bit. I don’t notice anything special but at least it’s just one 64bit executable that works with everything, rather than different 32bit and 64bit versions installed together. I don’t use advanced features on any browser so idk what you want. It looks nice as it only has one toolbar line/address bar/tab line on the same line.

the 64bit interweb is depressingly similar to the 32bit interweb

64bit ie9 is slower than 32bit cause it uses a less efficient javascript engine.

The tag doesn’t work on your page cause that page doesn’t have a doctype. Without it, IE defaults to quirks mode, which is a sort of backwards compatibility mode so that old, badly written sites still display as they did decades ago. Put a valid doctype in there and the page will work as intended.
edit: You can test this by switching rendering modes in the dev tools, just press F12 and switch the rendering mode from Quirks to IE9.

However, it will also make your page render in a completely different, modern engine, in all other browsers too. So you need to upgrade your crap code anyway.

Looks like the code here is proper: … ryline.php
So you should just update the other pages so they work with the same design. What kind of system are you running anyway, it looks like you just use a bunch of PHP files each filled with content individually.

The whole site is just a bunch of php files hacked together. Bits and pieces (like the navigation) are included in each page, but there’s no proper CMS underneath. D-Unit created the Storyline pages quite recently and did so using a proper div based layout, but the rest of the pages still use tables.

I’m planning on adding some code changes in the nearish future that will allow the videos to work in IE. In the meantime, another browser will serve (or download the videos).