Insults in... uh, the English language!

Okay, 3 and a half weeks until i’m back to school. I know that is a long time, but I’d rather start preparing for the idiots early than leave it to the last minute. Plus I’d like the odd one to throw at the unsuspecting fool at the other end of the street (only if they deserve it, of course :D). So who’s got some real nasty pwners that will make them retch in humiliation?! (please try to avoid swearing or anything… er, gross o.o) So far I got:-

Go suck a lemon
Naff off
Feck off
Block head
Cement head
Bone head
Mallot bonce
Big girl’s blouse
Mad eejit
Bum fluff

Cock bite.
Cunt munch.
Cunt market (think about it).
Twat bag.
Twat badger.


My new favourite, Penis Pump

Butt brain
Pencil neck
left nut
carpet muncher
pecker head

Of course there is always the classsic “Dork” by proper defination, it is defined as a whale penis.

Your knowledge of cretecian anatomy is quite disturbing.

I custom-build insults for each person. I can be quite scathing.

The key is to remain dry/emotionless so you can just let their insults roll off.