Insults in another langauge!

anyone got any good insults in different langauges?

Du ist dick und doof!

Votre Q.i est inf?rieur au mayonaise

And some for Gehn:
voc? caiu a ?rvore feia e bateu cada ?rvore na maneira para baixo
voc? suga
? voc? o primeiro membro de sua fam?lia carregada sem uma cauda?

I probably got some Grammer and spellings errors on them though…


You used babelfish eh? :slight_smile: That doesn’t make any sense in Portuguese.Plus it’s Portuguese from Brazil :stuck_out_tongue:

You want some inuslts?

Seu grande filho da puta!!!Chupa-me o caralho ou levas um pontap? no c?u da boca!

I feel so bad for saying that :> :frowning:

does 1337 count as a different language?

j00 |Z 73|-| |=4660|Z75!!!1111111111111111one

hey,gehn, that must have been bad. I’m working on the school computers, and when I put it in to google to translate, it said accsess denied:(

Gehn: It translates roughley as
’Its great one son of puta It absorbs me caralho or you lead a kick in the sky of the mouth’

any explanation?

That’s the very definition of rough! :stuck_out_tongue:

It would mean something liek this :

You big son of a bitch!!!Suck my cock or I’ll give ya a kick in the (the “sky” in your mouth.The place where youir tongue hits when you say “L”) “sky” of your mouth.

You. Sicken. Me.

Well at least the people reading over my shoulder found it funny.

Your brother asked me for insults.Welll there ya go.

I suppose. I’ll get my mate to lend me that book of hers that tells you how to insult people in different langauges. Should be fun.

Vous etes un puis de merde!

(You are a piece of s***)

I would say something in Spanish, but I forgot everything from that class. Sorry…

And to Gehn… Good Lord, teach me Portugese! I want to scream at people in a language other than the two I vaguely recall. (German and Spanish)

Well if you had an IM it would eb easier.Tell me something you wanna know and Ill tell ya :slight_smile:

Portuguese is up there :wink:

… You’re a big flirt, you know that? And it’s frightening me.



Flames… I like flames… goes to set Gehn on fire

Meh, I’m too hot for that.Me flirtin’ ?!

Only in real life baby :wink:

… Aw… I can’t set him on fire now.
puts down flamethrower and cries

Real life. Heh.

You are the one with no life remember Shadow?