…everybody has them even if they deny them.Either a video game :wink: or a jazz band.Either a book or a person.Either an animal or a religion.

Name those which you really think that have changed you.Oh and explain why.

My influences are:

God, Roald Dahl, Graham McNeill and Yuji Naka.

Oh, and the people who write cheesy anime.

you forgot that puritan poem.
Mine are also God, cartoons, and great saturn games. Believe it or not but important parts of my childhood influence me a lot

art, music, videogames, E.A Poe, Ancient Egypt, Socrates, Voltaire, H.P Lovecraft, horror imagery, various scenes of a world gone mad, Davey Havok, Rogue (of the Cruxshadows), Elvis Presley, Anton LaVey (I cannot say that I admire this man, but I do share some of his views on humans, which counts as an influence imo), Muhammad, Christ, Moses, Buddha (even if those four men that I just listed may or may not exist, I do admire such stories of martyrdom and spreading of positive views), Joan of Arc, Peter Murphy, William Blake, “new science fiction,” Isis & Osiris, Ramses II (for his decree of women’s rights, among other accomplishments), Akhenaton & Nefertiti (for the questioning of the major religion), Queen Hatshepsut, creative writing, among many others I cannot think of atm…

I probably have quite a few, but the one that surprises me was all the shining games…really changed the way I thought for some reason…and Panzer Dragoon.

[quote=“Scott”]you forgot that puritan poem.

You talking about the Divine Comedy by Dante?

Panzer, LOTR, Socrates, various punk/metal bands, my closest friends, my long-lost childhood, Christmas, Miyamoto Musashi, other samurai, my dog.

Muhammed Ali is the biggest influence on my life. There are a few others, Nelson Mandela is one. A lass I met recently who has been through a lot (and I mean a hell of a lot) is another. She taught me how to value life and what you have, Ali made me learn that it is worth fighting for what you think is right, and Mandela shows that you should never give up on what you believe in.

I may add more in time.

Well, not really since the poetry sucked.

Mine are:

some people who have been my classmates (some have been a bad influence other have been a good influence), some videogames like riven and pdsaga,swimming(the sport),girls I had a crush on (sp?),alot of music.

You talking about the Divine Comedy by Dante?[/quote]

i dunno it was in arcies qwiz thing

Out of interest Gehn (and for once not out of mocking), how did the girls you fancied influence you?

For once not out of mocking.So you still are?

Anyways, they influenced me cause I learnt some of my mistakes.

Ah, I see.

Nature, solely for the reason it can really humble people sometimes.
Various forms of music, books, and art (Giger, dali)
That is all I can think of…