I'm ummm... thinking of quitting my PC

I don’t really do much on the PC, it wastes a lot of my time…
I might just allocate something like 2 hours a week for it or something (or any suggestions :anjou_love: )

might give me time to play on my saturn more as well hehe

but seriously, i spend way too much time on the pc
so bye bye in a few days

So how is playing more Saturn games any more productive than sitting on the PC…? Seriously, just do the things you want on the PC and don’t overdo it just like everything else in life. Look for news on things you are interested in, post a little in a forum or two you like, maybe play some game or two, on or offline, and whatever else ya need… I don’t see how giving up one form of entertainment and going to another is any better…

For me the PC has pretty much replaced all other entertainment and informative activities (the ones done at home I mean) like TV, reading of newspapers and magazines and whatever else one might do. Because basically everything is included in it in some form.

Anyway, those two hours you speak of should allow ya to post here a little, so why the goodbye?

You could perhaps cut down on some of the things that you do on your PC that use up the time, rather than quitting altogether. For example, don’t turn MSN Messenger on everytime you go on just to check a forum or your email, if that’s what’s distracting you from getting smaller tasks done in a short amount of time.

Anyway, if you’re not going to be online much anymore, just make sure that you pop in every now and then to let us know how you’re getting on. :slight_smile:

Nice new avatar Solo (it’s from the remake, right?) :anjou_love:

i know what you mean, but i know i’m not gonna be on my saturn as much as i am my PC
i get distracted way too easily, especially with little things like msn, forums, even making websites
i need some time off, and if i force it i know it will get done

and yeah, i’ll always make time for this place =)

Thanks… yeah, it’s from the remake.

I can relate to that. I guess if you set yourself a strict time when you can go on the PC you’ll be less likely to waste the time that you do spend on the computer, although keeping to that schedule is something else entirely.

Be sure to log on at least once every couple of days or you’re dead meat.Seriously tho, don’t let college distract you from PD!!

i was actually thinking of starting PDS again :anjou_love:

Good plan, you can never have enough fun with speeding up and slowing down conversations. =D

sorry to change the conversation, i just wanted to say that im not buggering off, i just have no internet at the moment. hope to be back here soon!

I have the same trouble but there are some easy things to do that stop you spending ages online. First off - set up MSN (or whatever chat program you use) to only start up if you actually click on it - stops random conversations turning a ten minute check into a half hour chat. Secondly, and this may sound weird, but remove the chair you sit on from the room, or at least move it away from the PC. If you’re standing up, you’re more likely to do what you needed to without all those little “Maybe I’ll just check Ebay…” moments.