I'm new

hi every body i’m new and i just want to say hellow and we need more chaters on line.

Chat is over-rated, except in some limited exceptions.

Welcome to the forum. Poison Jam, eh? That European stuff is pretty strong.


poison jam… where have I seen/heard that before…

its a crew from JSRF yeah?

Yeah.Welcome PJ.

Just as I was about to click the topic i remembered it from JSR :slight_smile:

I loved JSRF, welcome

The Poison Jams were also in the original JSR. XD

In any case, welcome!

I myself am not the biggest JSRF fan, but nevertheless welcome!

thanks for the wlcome guys. as you can see i like the under rated games like panzer dragoon and JSRF. i hope to be a permanate feture here.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Too bad DJ-K’s rap never made it into the final version of Jet Grind Radio…

It was quite funny :slight_smile:

“Understand-understand… understand-understand… understand-understand the concept of love!BAM!

Neeeeurraaarrrrgh! Can’t… get it… out… of my… HEAD! Soundtrack… too… catchy! Runs out of the building screaming

Welcome, Poison Jam, we hope you have a fruitful and prosperous time here. :anjou_happy:

ya i love thows traks anybody have them?

My cuz downloaded Birthday Cake by Cibo Matto and put it on a cd for me :slight_smile:

Reading this topic has made me feel a bit guility, because I haven’t finished Jet Set Radio Future yet, and I’ve had it for almost two years. I guess I just don’t have the same amount of time as I used to to finish all the great games out there.

Anyway, welcome to the forums, Poison Jam. I hope you like it here.

ya the game is pritty hard to finish so i used the internet to help me. the internet knows all.

Yeah, I got stuck on one of levels about (halfway?) through the game, although it’s mainly just lack of time for me. I’ve played all the way through the first one though; it’s one of my favourite Dreamcast games easily. Too bad Smilebit didn’t keep the old Graffiti system from the original game in JSRF.

whats the new system like? I only have the dreamcast game

In the Future edition, the large graffiti points are just composed of several conjoined sections that you spray individually, instead of executing the D-pad combinations like in the original version. To do it skilfully, you can execute a “shuffle” manoeuvere which moderates your speed so that you don’t end up racing past the graffiti point at full tilt and overshooting, missing half of the things you need to spray along the way.

It’s understandable why they changed it - it helps make the game a lot more fluid and rapid, and you can string up impressive trick sequences. I don’t mind the new style at all.

I know of a few people who preferred the directional input method by a longshot though… but hey, you’ll find purists anywhere.