I'm going to be scarce for a few weeks

Well, I guess it’s time for yet another board member to say “Be back in a few weeks.” My lovely lady friend (see right) is coming over for three weeks, and naturally a lot of my time is going to be spent with her. I may be on from time to time, but more often than that you’ll need to check my LJ (see “website” link) for details of my happenings =P

Of course, if anyone has some suggestions for what we might get up to, they’re welcome to post. You have about two and a half days left of my presence, so value every moment of me :smiley:

My suggestion would be to first delete that folder marked “Porn” on your desktop, young man.

hahahahahaahaha that was funny. And Shadow, use your imagination :wink:

Let’s hope the Panzer community doesn’t collapse in Shadow’s absence, seeing as how he is a veritable pillar of the community.

Have fun Shadow.

i just realised your meeting in London! You can always stop round mine for a drink or something >_>

Thanks Geoff =)

And, uh, no Scott. I don’t want no horny twelve year old humping her leg, thanks.

um… ok no problem <_<