I'm getting skies of arcadia today!

Or I will be if it isn’t sold once I get to the shop.

Good for you Shadow, Skies of Arcadia kicks ass! Speaking of SoA, does anyone know where i can get the theme that plays when you’re fighting censored so as not to spoil it for Shadow(the 3rd last boss) on the net? I’ve been looking for it for ages but i’ve never managed to find it.

yay, skies of arcadia is probably one of the best games on the DC :smiley: Bet it won’t be long until you get sick of the constant battles though :stuck_out_tongue:

Err, the tune… i can’t really remember which one that was (not played SoA for a while) but you can get pretty much all the music here: planetdreamcast.com/soaworld … _music.htm

I’m 31 hours into Skies of Arcadia at the moment. The game is awesome but the random battles may present a problem for people who never liked old-school RPGs like Phantasy Star.

I love the ship-to-ship battles more than the non-stop hand-to-hand combat. The Valuan Empire is now my favourite empire in any video game owing to their cool armoured soldiers and warships that are so beautiful it’s almost a tragedy to destroy them.

Why I bought Grandia 2 instead of this wonderful RPG all those years ago is a mystery even to me!

Skies of Arcadia was an awesome game.

I should try to beat it again with all the discoveries/crew members.

Skies of Arcadia is well worth the price it goes for these days - and it will last a long time too (over 50 hours of gameplay). The world is really unique, and like Geoffrey says, the Valuan Empire are awesome.

Skies of Arcadia is a great game. The only problems i have with the game are the random battles. They happen way too much. This wouldn’t be a problem if the battle system was better, but i think as RPG’s go its only OK. Nothing too special. The ship to ship combat is great, but it can get tedious later on as you fight more powerful enemies.

If you’re after Skies of Arcadia music, it’s all on my FTP for download. High quality encoding off the official soundtrack.

Skies of Arcadia remains one of my all-time favorites. I have a hard time deciding whether it or Panzer Dragoon Saga is my favorite Sega RPG.

I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t played it but later on (on the ships anyway) is is possible to bypass all the on foot battles.

Though, in fact the battles didn’t really bother me. Sometimes when you begin a new section it takes a little time before you’re leveled up enough to defeat the enemies quickly…but after that it’s fine.

I did once have all the Skies soundtrack on my PC…but my hard drive had to be formatted, dammit. I love the ship battles music and the main theme.

I have Skies of Arcadia and Skies of Arcadia Legends. Not much difference but well worth it if you’re a big fan.


That is all I have to say :smiley:

I was so thankful for that.

“The Valuan Empire is more powerful than you can imagine”. ~ Abmiral Belleza

Why couldn’t the Empire in the Panzer games have similarly cool abmirals who make it their purpose in life to conquer the world!

I still have yet to beat the game. -_-;;;
Although I must agree, it is one of the best games I have played.

Keep going, it gets better and better.
I love the way each island has its own distinctive atmosphere. I adore the tranquility of Yafutoma!

I love the way that the boss music changes depending on whether your winning or losing, it is great to have been fight a boss for a long time, then finally, your strategy comes together and the music changes as you beat the boss into a bloody pulp, it’s very dramatic.

I also like the spirit bar idea unlike most RPGs, where using special move simply means having enough magic power when the fight start, in SoA you have to hold out for quite a while if you want to get enough energy to use them.

I luved it every time you encountered that crazy scientist guy with the gold fish bowel on his head, what’s his name, you know.

It was great foilng his plans and watchin’ him goin’ mental lol

Total nutter he was, made me laugh XD

Aah. that’d be Admiral De Loco.

Drenholm, I agree…one of my favourite tunes in any game is the boss winning track in Skies. (Useless fact, that tune is also in Mickey Mouse Land of Illusion on the MasterSystem and GameGear in the Egyption level…told you it was useless)

When I finally get some money I wanna buy a DC so I can play Skies of Arcadia,Shenmue 1 and Hundred Swords.

Good for you Shadow. Hope you have fun.

My Mum keeps going on my DC for Mr Driller. Problem is, I don’t really trust any of my family with my games consoles (the just don’t know how to look after them properly, so I’m not that happy about it.)

I was playing on Sega Rally on my Saturn yesterday. The sense of speed beats a lot of newer games hands down…maybe it’s the raw, bitty textures flying at you making it look faster…