Im Back

hay guys just thought i would say i am back, after taking the past year to remember my user… lol (should have just asked you Solo)

any who i will now be active in these forums as i have been board with some of the happenings of real life and need a break from it all.

i do have one question (Solo) i noticed a copy of PDO in EB yesterday, will that play on my 360 if so sweet i will buy it!

Welcome back! And if you have the XBL connection (don’t even need gold) it’ll work (mostly) great on a NA or at least non-PAL region 360. It apparently always crashes after Ep. 4 for Solo and others… :frowning:

Welcome back! The ancient one is essentially right about the problems of playing Orta on a PAL Xbox 360. It crashes at the end of episode 3.

Although, I recall someone mentioning a workaround?

Welcome back!

Yeah, you “just” need to play for 20 hours. This will unlock everything in Pandora’s Box, including the level selection options where you can play from Episode 4 onwards, albeit without cutscenes. You can still watch them on Pandora’s Box too, but I have this feeling that the one after Ep. 3 will crash.

I’m actually trying that workaround now. StrikerX3, do you happen to know how many hours you have to play to unlock the Iva’s Story episodes? One of those can apparently be looped so you can let the game accumulate the remaining hours that way. Welcome back by the way, megaman :slight_smile:

EDIT: the easiest way I found to unlock everything is to set the game to Easy and then start episode 1 without actually playing. You’ll only get a game over screen during the boss battle, at which point you can just select the “retry at boss” option over and over for a total of twenty times. This unlocks sub-scenario mission 1 and 3 in Pandora’s Box: the 3rd mission has an auto-loop, so you can just start it and leave it running for the 20 hours needed to unlock everything.

WB matey.

I guess you guys are still big into console gaming then?

The 360 is my primary gaming platform at the moment. That’s simply because it hosts the games I’m interested in (Xbox Live Arcade is an especially good home for creative ideas and old school style games with HD graphics). For minimalist reasons, I only have one system right now.

Escapism is a drug that is just too damned beautiful to resist.

The consoles seem to have a lot of life left in them from what I see, too. They have become homes for gamers.

I wonder what we’ll all be playing in 20 years to be honest.

^I don’t doubt virtual reality will be all the rage.

Welcome back megaman500. :anjou_happy:

You always find the craziest avatars Gehn.

Have some chocolate.

I can never get enough music; it helps me dream. I dream far too much for my own good.

I periodically dream stories or ‘movies’…

This morning I woke up with a fairly good memory of a dream I’m pretty sure I’d had once before as well, it felt like an encore dream anyway. It was a movie starring Anna Faris, she was something like an angel fallen to earth, had probably been drinking too much. It was a vulgar and absurd comedy with lots of incongruous overlays… basically like what a good Anna Faris movie would be.

Actually idly trying to convince myself to try and write the screenplay.

/left field

That might be worth immortalizing. It’s easy to get carried away by music.

What we need is…


I’m also wondering if that dream could have been partially based on some trailer I’ve seen or something else read, maybe that was the deja vu… pretty sure there’s no movie like that as such but. shrug

Another weird one today, this time it was more like me in a plot where some guy convinced me he was like, a secret service agent, and somehow he “hired” me to be his partner. There was a lengthy stakeout style scene as we were waiting for someone very important, at least it seemed like it was supposed to be ‘the President’ at one point… then he got word there had been a change of plans and gave me these bizarre instructions to do with grabbing some package off a house’s front porch and taking it to another house and ringing the bell and giving it to the resident… but something like instinct caused me to screw up the instructions, and all of a sudden I realized something was wrong with that package and the agent guys car had disappeared when I went to look for him. So it was all a con.

Seems like a dream analyst might have a field day with that one.

/returns to left field

Lol. As I always say, all we need is an imagination. Who knows what the subconscious can dig up from our chaotic minds.

You should expand on that idea if you can go with your own flow.

[HD] 4 mins onwards = bliss!

looking into that track right now. man i can be leave how long my Im Back thread has been going! lol lets see how long it can keep going.

Is currently listening to: C&C 4 - The End Of All Things (music)

I felt it was fitting considering that the world is going to end next year.

Yes people, volcanoes will explode and block out the sun with ash, then the New World Order will declare martial law and put us in deathcamps so that they can have the world all to themselves, and then aliens will land to save us. But they are not really aliens - they are Hollywood actors who want us to watch their next movie.

I started to feel so much less paranoid the moment I started to see things purely in terms of good old fashioned human greed.