I'm back!

What do you mean, “who are you?”?

I used to post on the old, old forums (excavation camp) under the name Iva Demilcol, and then I migrated here and assumed the name I’m stuck with now. For the record, I never stopped loving Panzer Dragoon, or this community, for that matter (I’ve even been droppimg in from time to time for a read) - I just ran out of stuff to talk about.

So - what have I missed? Does lordcraymen still post? I’ve seen all the familiar faces besides his so far.

Hi Grumbler!

Change avatar nao plz.

Crikey, didn’t realise the filesize was so big - so much for gif format. Sorry!

EDIT: Actually, it’s not much bigger than yours, and its 100x100 - were you just being mean?

Yes he was. Welcome back.

Welcome back!
(Although I must admit I do not remember you.)

hehe cool excavation camp member :slight_smile:

althought i don’t really remember many from there as i got there relatively near the end of its life.

nice that you came back, anyways =D