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pretty cool! did you make a mistake at 0:56 tho =O

what inspired you by the way…?

Yeah, mistakes are commonly made in practice by all of us, (I’m usually the least guilty), and everything falls into place during a presentation. But it’s been a year since we’ve performed that piece, and we had only practiced like 4 or 5 times earlier that day before we performed. So it went very well coming from very little preparation.

Usually we all end with bloody knuckles and stuff, drumline/band can be very violent.

We were inspired mostly by seeing the Madision Scouts perform at a DCI show before, which we never paid attention to in the past, but we went to a new one and were forced to actually sit in seats and watch (instead of the hillsides and talk), and we were so impressed that we decided to force the awesomeness of percussion into our school’s face, and it worked! Our predecessors had done this years back, and we finally found the score in the library, and then it came to frutition. Numerous sticks and trash can lids were sacrificed in order for us to play, and the lids were beaten so badly that they were considered safety hazards and that’s why we are playing on the bttom of the cans as you can see in the video.

Hope you enjoy!