If PDS was rereleased, what achievements should it have?

Just for fun… supposing that Sega rereleased Panzer Dragoon Saga on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, Steam, etc, what achievements or trophies should the game have? For example:

“Worthy to live amoung the gods” - 100% Completion.
“Winged Death” - change into the Solo Wing.
“Racing Dragon” - clear a lap of the Ancient Valley box game in a certain time.

“Pest Control” for defeating the infested Grig Orig
And sans clever quips, some more ideas…

  • Finding all of the keys to the sky transporter in the Forbidden Zone
  • Propagating a certain number of Kuo plants in the desert
  • Picking off the roots of all of the Arangatas (perhaps facing them prior to having blasted the roots could be an achievement in itself, sort of a joke reward)
  • And of course, discovering rare monsters could well be a veritable goldmine

I like the Kuo plant idea. Even though it wouldn’t be particularly hard to obtain, it’s nice to be rewarded for smaller accomplishments as well as the larger achievements.

Rare monsters would be included in the 100% Completion achievement, although there could be separate achievements for finding especially rare monsters.

There could be achievements for completing side quests. E.g. saving Enkak’s life, finding Radgam’s body, etc.

I think if it was released today it would just have the bare basics like a few achievements for various progression points and completing it because the developers wouldn’t really bother thinking any elaborate scheme for them and just focus on the awesome game.

I think it depends how much the developers care about implementing interesting achievements. I don’t see the point in amending the game by adding anything too complicated. But it should be fairly straight forward to add an achievement when condition X is met. It’s more about the creativity of the developer, than technical restrictions.

Ah, I missed the "re"released bit. My response was as if TA were making the game in this day and age instead of back then in the Saturn days. I didn’t mean technical issues.

How about the quests?

Like like the Big Gun Quest for example, there should be a reward for those as well.

Sure. Another achievement could be the Verato Pipe side quest.

Maybe there could be a joke achievement for reading “They Killed Kenny” on the table in Juba’s.

Here’s a few others:
“The Bond” - Reach a certain level of Spiritual Closeness with your dragon.
“Dark Dragon reborn” - Morph into the Solo Wing with 200 Spiritual, 0 of everything else.
“Pedantic Explorer” - Fly over every section of the map.

Yeah, those are certainly nice as well.

Just edited my previous post with a few more.

The possibilites are endless, but interesting achievements are the way to go if you ask me.

Gratitude Team Andromeda - Finish the game/End Credits

Camper - Saving at Camp check point

Status based:

Attachment Case - Acquire all the gun attachments in the game.
Winged Death - Learn all Berserk attacks, including Extra class.
Monster Biologist - Defeat one of each enemy creature in battle.
War Historian - Defeat one of each enemy ship in battle.
Warmaster - Obtain an “Excellent!” rank against each enemy in the enemy codex.
Archivist - Obtain all readable texts in the game.
Master Geographer - Explore 95% or more of the game maps.
Unbreakable Bond - Obtain 100 Spiritual closeness points.
Puppy Love - Rescue the Dragon Pup from Shelcoof.

Storyline filler:

There would be one for each Form Change (Valiant, Stripe, Panzer, Eye, Arm, Light, Solo) with Light and Solo being worth 20G instead of 10G or something.

Ancient Enemy - Defeat the Guardian Dragon.
King of the Skies - Defeat Atolm for the third time.
Saviour of the Forest - Defeat the infested Grig Orig.
Divine Visitor - Defeat Sestren (and beat the game).

Misc Achievements:

Oops, it broke - Summon the storm that destroys the max laser rank target in Georgius (while the whirlwind is still up).

Backdoor entry - Find the secret entrance to Paet’s room.*

Good Samaritan - Rescue the baby Wurm from the whirlpool in the Garil Desert.

Lost in Translation - Wait Until Night in the Holy District.

*I didn’t notice this until my SEVENTH playthrough.

These achievement ideas are great, keep 'em coming.

I especially like the achievements that are based around optional discoveries, e.g. the secret entrance to Paet’s room.

Hahaha, I’m not sure that they’d want to be quite so obvious about that. :anjou_embarassed:

How about an achievement based on how many enemies you defeat based on the form of the dragon you have? Or win a battle without using items or berserks, or maybe achievements based on winning only with the lasers or only with the gun?

Those sound like interesting achievements.

I once completed the game without using any items or gun attachments. That might be too pedantic for one achievement though.

Honestly if there was to be an ultimate achievement, I’d say it should be “Adventure of a Lifetime” + Excellent on every enemy type + no consumables used + completing every area without leaving to rest. (last one a little tricky to define maybe)

I think that only that would about justify a “Winged Death”.

Of course that’s already how I try to play anyway. :anjou_happy:

Now that would be an achievement.

Oh, and reaching the max level (99, if I remember correctly).

How about if you kill x number of each enemy (or each class of enemy)?

Personally, I don’t see the point in having achievements in something that is mandatory for you to progress in the game. I think you should get achievements for doing extra stuff.

Most games have a few easy achievements, perhaps to make the player feel like he’s accomplishing something, increasing motivation to carry on. It’s that reward/motivation loop that keeps people playing, either with achievements or other game rewards.

Not that PDS needs to bribe the player to keep playing, of course. :anjou_happy: