Yay! Today I found out that I got a summer job id applied to at IBM… Now all ive got to do is convince them that they should make me code a sequel to PDS for them…

What are you going to do there exactly?Congrats man :slight_smile:

Basically Ill be working with 3 other students on 1 of 3 projects we could be doing. Its going to be taking an idea and trying to turn it into a salable product for IBM. We will have to make technical and business plans and have to produce a coded/part coded solution for the products.
It should be quite interesting because we do not get any formal training to do this, it is up to the teams to decide how they are going to work and get things done. One interesting thing is that each team will be 3 technical students + 1 business student so they have to work together. Im quite looking forward to it although I havent really done anything of the sort before.

Good luck sounds like a ver promising opportunity!