I was afraid this would happen

Seems too much was tinkered with when the sequel for Guardian Heroes was being made. Many critics agree it’s nothing like the original and is a merely average game. Ah well.


Hmm… I was looking forward to this game. Now I’m not so sure if I’ll buy it or not.

It sounds like there’s a lot of slowdown which isn’t good for an action game…

it was good in bangai-o cause it just made thouse 4,000 missile moments longer! i once got my dreamcast to freeze for over 10 seconds and then it slowly started rendering frame by frame until eventually i got killed and it went to the silly continue screen! :smiley:

but yeah, i knew treasure had said that they would never make a sequel, so this meant that they were breaking their code or sega was putting the title in the groping hands of the inept :frowning:

abadd! convey our displeasure to the sega chain of command! or perhaps you are a sleeper agent that has been working for them the whole time…? keeping watch over us and making sure we don’t figure out too much about panzer dragoon!? eh!? eh!?

The original had its own fair share of slowdowns. But it seems that in the sequel, the fighting system isn’t as deep as the original’s, and the game has a habit of sending you back to the title screen when you die with the amount of life you had when you hit the last checkpoint(or so GMR tells me). I’m also not sure if this one also has the amount of enemies on screen that the original had.

The new game boy adbance Guardian Heroes is crap compared to the Saturn version end of statement.