I want to know what you all look like in person!

If you all can, can any members of the PD community post picstures of themselves? I’m curious as to what you all look like in person.

For instance: I’d like to know what Solo, Geoffery Duke, and Lanceway all look like. You obviously know what I look like (just look at my avatar to the left).

You look like Edge whilst he’s in the process of being possessed by an Agent?

I already have my pic posted.

*You look like Edge whilst he’s in the process of being possessed by an Agent?


hmmm i wonder what happened to that old topic we had…


edit(2): ok that threads kinda useless cos half the pics are dead links, and the rest is off topic

Well…can you guys post pics of yourselves again? I never saw that topic before and am just curious.

Okay, I’ll start with myself:



(a pic of me receiving my black belt in Kung Fu after 2 intensive days of testing and training, both mentally and physically)

And just for a retrospective, here is an example of how exited I was back in 1996, whilst waiting to get the Nintendo 64. This is what I did to my door(LOL):


My mom later ripped off all the little pics I precisely cut out, and painted over the door, without my permission. I was furious!

I did my part, now I want to see all of you(especially you Solowing, Geoffery Duke, and Lanceway). Come out of hiding and show yourselves!

Tip: asking for specific people to post pics is not a good ice breaker.

Okay, so from left to right: Geoffrey, Solo, and Lance.

OOOOOOOOOkaaaaaaaay…Shadow…sure whatever you say. I’d like to see their reaction to that, LOL!

A quick Google image search for “Shadow” brought the following photo of our friendly form mascot, along with one of his little Xbox Live buddies:


I’ll see about getting a decent photo of me up here at some point. I have one floating around somewhere, but it’s a bit old.

Here’s what a Google image search for “Kimimi” brings up -

There’s no way I’d ever post real photos of myself on the net - sorry!

Show yourself Solo! J/K but I am curious as to what you look like Chris.

I told you before, he’s a tusky blue guy…

He is the One…

LOL. Keep asking, legaiaflame. They might come round the 123rd time asked.

Shadow’s hot.

my contribution: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v181/Safrin/safrinpicture.jpg)

WHAT how dare you try and fool us by posting a pic of some random cute girl


hey look i actually come up!

images.google.com/images?svnum=1 … tnG=Search