I wanna get highlights in my hair

ok i really like my hair so i dont wanna mess it up!
but i wanna get highlights in my hair… i think maybe silver or red…

has anyone had any experience with this? i think i need someone to give me a push to go get it done

my friend recommended me a japanese hair salon in bond street (errrm london) if any londerners with japanese connection have ever heard of it (long shot =P )

i just hope my hair doesn’t fall out or anything :anjou_angry:


You could just set up an array of tiny spotlights, attached to your shoulders or something, with color filters that achieve the effect you want? I don’t think there’d be much danger to your hair that way…

Don’t go over to the pink side Scott… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ha, you guyss man
i used to think like that before…

but now i’m really thinking about change…

the shoulder spotlight idea seems wicked though =D i’d love to go to a club with something like that =P

If you don’t look like a japanese bishounen you shouldn’t get your hair styled like a bishounen. =D

ah, but theres also a plastic surgeon round the block =D

nah im not gonna aim for a japanese hairstyle, i just want highlights and i been told that those places do them really well

Well, ultimately it’s your hair and you do whatever the hell you want with it. =D If you really want highlights, go for it.
(But I demand pictchas!)