I need a logo for my site, help anyone?

Ok so after much neglect i’ve started working on my Panzer Dragoon website again. But i need a banner/logo (whatever you want to call it) for my site. I have no photo editing skills so i was wondering if some one here would be so kind as to make one for me. You would of course recieve credit on the front page of my site. If anyone is interested let me know, it doesnt need to be fancy. Something similiar to the “forums.panzerdragoon.net” banner would be more than enough.

Anyone even think of recommending me for this and I’ll slit yer throats mateys.

Shadow made a great banner for these forums so there’s no reason why he couldn’t make a decent skyrider.panzerdragoon.net logo too :smiley:

What are you wanting to be in the logo, Aitrus? I could probably knock something up.

I just need something with an imperial theme, maybe a few ships in the background, the emperor, or the imperial seal. Just something like that, it would also need to say “Sky Rider: The Imperial Archives” as thats what im calling my site. having the url to my site skrider.panzerdragoon.net would also be a plus. The banner would be going on a site with a black backgrground so it would need to stay consistent with that.

@Shadow, great work on the forum banners :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can come up with, although I might not get the chance to work on it for a few days.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

I’ll see what I can come up with, although I might not get the chance to work on it for a few days.[/quote]

Hey i’d appreciate anything you could do to help :slight_smile: I need to put that webspace you gave me to good use.

It’s good to know you’re still working on it :slight_smile:

Are you planning on modifing the existing layout at all? I think it would look cool if you themed it in Imperial colours (whites and browns and greys) and perhaps centred it in a table that is 750 pixels wide (so that it will look the same on all resolutions, like this forum). Just some suggestions.

me made a banner for a website I co-webmaster…not sure if it was actually used in the end or not:P it was alright^_^ it kool when ya see yours up there, for all to see and ya think “I made that”

Hmm this reminds me:

My website is up thanks to solo’s help. Check out


I need to update the about page but thats about it for now.

oh, nice website! I think I did a review for Panzer Dragoon games on RPG Delta (the website I co-master) but it mained on RPG’s from now and before, so there not much about PD in preticular