I just finished panzer dragoon saga, I'm left with some


after finishes pds, I was stunned and in pure awe of it’s great storyline, if sega would make a movie of this game it would give lord of the rings a serious run for it’s money

but I was checking this site and now I’m left with even more questions, I have only played pds so far, I also have panzer dragoon but was never bothered to play it which this game changed of course, I’m going to play it this very night

but my questions are who is kyle?? who is lagi?? is it the dragon used in all panzer dragoon games?? and where does the skyrider show up?? I saw some small pieces druing fmv’s of him in pds

I think it would be better if you find out for yourself.You have played Saga.Now go play PD1 and PDZwei (the other shooter for the saturn).

I think it would ruin some of the fun.

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I own panzer dragoon eventhough I don’t really like shooters is it worth playing through?? I’m very anxious towards this story :slight_smile:

btw is there any way I can play the fmv’s from my cd on my pc??

The Saturn shooters provide a few more answers about what is actually going on, but the bulk of the story lies in Panzer Dragoon Saga.

The Sky Rider makes his presence felt at the beginning of Panzer Dragoon, and in spite of his death, we all feel he played a vital role in the grand scheme of things.

This site hosts a few utilities that allow you to convert the cpk FMV sequences into avi sequences. However, the subtitles are cut.

Kyle: The Dragon Rider of the original Panzer Dragoon.
Lagi: Name given to the ‘Heresy Dragon’ by its first rider. This dragon is the ‘star’ of all the PD games.
Sky Rider: He dies right at the onset of Panzer Dragoon, thus requirring Kyle to become a Dragon Rider. I have no idea what “vital role” Geoffrey thinks he played.

And in case you didn’t know, the chronological order of the Panzer games is as follows:
Zwei - Original - Saga - Orta

The shooters are short and easy just finish them man!

would u advise me to first buy pad zwei and play that one before I play panzer dragoon??

I just saw the opening fmv of panzer dragoon, very interesting stuff and if I’m not much mistaken the first boss is that huge ship that’s also in georgia(sp) in pds

troo…it’s indeed the ship from georgius…it’s called shellcoof and it’s the first tower ever to appear in PD world (sent by sestren I guess :p) with the purpose of extreminating an impurity (the heresy dragon). You have to play PD zwei so you can see this happening…and you will find some familiar “faces” there :stuck_out_tongue:

fortunately I saw there were some codes for panzer dragoon since I suck at shooters, couldn’t even get past episode 4 boss :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Brandt”] I have no idea what “vital role” Geoffrey thinks he played.

The series wouldn’t be quite the same without him IMO.

in the faqs on this site the sky rider(a name not made up by the panzer dragoon community but by sega themselves, read the panzer dragoon manual)was the first rider of lagi, but how can that be true, when panzer dragoon zwei is aprequal the dragonrider in panzer dragoon zwei was there before the skyrider

and what is that song called that plays during the ending credits?? it’s panzarese and it’s one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard

Technically, the Sky Rider is the first rider because Panzer Dragoon was the first game in the series to be released. I don’t believe anyone has made the claim that he was the first rider in the series timeline.

Yes, the manual refers to the “fourth rider” as the Sky Rider but that was never his official name. He is, after all, a sky rider in a manner of speaking, and fans decided to remember him by that name. The definite article “the” doesn’t exist in the Japanese language, so who knows if the name Sky Rider was a proper noun or if Sega of America just happened to capitalise every word including the two words “sky rider” in that particular title in the English manual. I’ll have to check the manual again but doesn’t it say, “The Sky Rider Falls”?

I could be wrong, and if so, please enlighten me.

Did I just answer this for you on GFaqs?

wow, this is turning into another sky rider topic here! most the questions have been answered…you’re gonna have to tell us which game the credits music is from:P I’m guessing PD? I wouldn’t know, it’s the one I need damn it…DAMN IT!..there’s quite a few panzer music stuff on http://www.phantasy-star-universe.com/ so go there and you might get some stuff…dont think it had any PD musics on it, but check it out…might find something you like:)

I means PDS credit song…and I agree with him when he says that is a gr8 song…fits like a condomm with the gr8ness of the game :smiley: epical,artistic…melodic…damn I want that song to :stuck_out_tongue:

The order of Lagi’s riders is:

Jean Jacques Lundi
The Sky Rider
Kyle Fludge

Just wondering… what FAQ do you speak of? I don’t remember writing one.

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I’ve always thought of Panzer Dragoon Saga as The Lord of the Rings of video games. An immersive fantasy world.

to true, I can second that:)