I have returned

After a long two months (or longer) I finally got a spiffy 3 MB cable connection and a spiffy new computer.

I apologize for my absence, my elder computer was destroyed and I couldn’t use the net for 2 months.

Anyhow, I’m back. Hello.

mutter mutter 3mbyte connection mutter mutter 56k coz cable too short mutter

Welcome back.

3 megaBYTE? And I thought that upgrading to 256kb was awesome…

Welsome friend! And yeah… 3mb O_O how much does that cost? I have just been upgraded from 150k to 300k =D

I use Comcast, the speed they give us is 3 MB’s.

It costs 45 a month, which isn’t bad. . . I think they gave us a deal since we have TV Digital Cable with them.

Oh, and this may seem strange to ask. . . But has anyone heard from GehnTheBeserker?

I haven’t seen him ever since neomega.net went down.

He appears to have completely vanished off the face of the earth, which is really strange considering his once lively presence on these forums. Hopefully he’s just having Internet issues and will post again once they’re sorted…

Welcome back.

Welcome back, d00d.

Welcome back evil Neomegan.Ive been away too for a long time…

Is neomega back onlie yet?