Hurray for me!

I just checked and I was admitted at Universidade do Minho!
It seems the world is having another computer engineer (rough translation of the major since it’s more specific than that)

Since 5th grade I wanted this major and the last few months filled me with uncertainty and doubt.I thought of computer science and electronics engineering and mechanical engineering.In the end I opted for the one closest to my dreams (even tho electronics wouldn’t be a bad choice either…).

The funny part is that I was the second last person to be admitted.The guy “below” me had the exact same grade but I pwned him in the exams :stuck_out_tongue: (in the end it was the exams who saved my arse;the first time in my life I actually studied something)

Congratulations! I have a friend who is majoring in that field as well.

See, studying does pay off…

wicked! thats cool, i’m happy for you =)
it feels good finding out you’re in =)

well, another fresher night tonight >=)
:anjou_love: uni life


Thats great, well done! Hope you have a great time there!

Good for you!! i got a job for teaching kids the trumpet and the tuba, and the kid got his head stuck in it…