How long since you last played Saga?

Kind of pointless you might say but…

I just got a new battery for my Saturn and after 3 years of PDS celibacy I’m back to biz!I can’t even begin to explain you guys how awesome a sensation it is.After all this time I think I even like the game better.The graphics aren’t really a barrier because the sense of style pwns everything else out there.

I renew my admiration for this piece of art.

Anyways the point of the topic : how long has it been since you last played?

About a month I think…I randomly play it from time to time, mainly just to show friends who haven’t even heard of it how damn cool it is.

They only get a small piece of the picture from a short demonstration though…especially when most of the enemies fall prey to small Berserk techniques let alone the massive excellent looking ones. :anjou_sigh:

A couple months. However, as of late it’s been tugging me by the dick, tormenting me until I play it.

Well, only a month or so, but I didn’t really play it properly. I really need to get a proper game on the go, it’s been a while!

Hmmm, yes! :anjou_wow:

About two years I think. >.> I REALLY need to replace that battery.

Bout 7 months or so, its a quality game but I dont have much time to play it. :anjou_disappointment:

I’ve gone through the game 30+ times. Can’t be bothered. Especially the Undergrounds ruins of Uru again. URGH.

I think I last played it some time in the middle of this year, although that wasn’t the entire game.

It must be a year or two since I’ve played through the whole game.

I just recently played saga to aquire pics for my PDS site very time consuming. :anjou_happy:

I know! That has to be the most annoying and monotonous location in the whole game. :anjou_sigh:

Although, the Energ and especially Basilus battles really get you back into the swing of the game, but that’s only right, as by the time I’m nearly finished the Ruins, I’ve practically fallen asleep! :anjou_happy:

The one thing I’m hoping to achieve this time around is 100% everything.The one thnig I missed was the Golia Hunter.

How can a game like this not appeal to the mass market?Even redneckian pee-wee-billy guys would love this game I’m sure…

Last time I played Saga was the day Orta came out, 21st March 2003. I haven’t played Orta, Eins, or Zwei for ages either.

I played it through for the umteenth time a couple of months ago, and I intend to do so again, when I can be bothered to get a new battery for my Saturn.

I’d say out of all the Panzer’s, the one I have played through the most would be Zwei. Since it only takes about an hour to complete, and doesn’t need the battery to save, I quite often play it through when I have some time to kill.

haha believe it or not, but the second (or maybe even first!) time i played through the game, when i got to that piont I left it… and returned after about a year…

I have only played Saga once all the way through, and it was the month it was released in the US.

The last time I played through the game was sometime last summer (I think), when I did that 4 hours 44 minutes speed-run. I switch the game on relatively often at the moment though, mainly to grab screenshots for stuff I’m doing for

Whoa! And I thought I’d played through it a lot… I think I’m currently on ten times through. After the first time I played through the game (when it first came out in the UK), I went through it about another four times really thoroughly, attempting to “find everything”, over the course of about four years. I eventually skipped through it three more times while I was writing my overly long FAQ for GameFAQs in 2003, then I did the whole thing once on GiriGiri to create those save-game files for TWotA, and last of all I did that random speed-run. But yes, thirty times through still pretty much owns me. :anjou_happy:

The next time I play through PDS will probably be on the Japanese version of the game, which I picked up a while back; I’m interested to see if there are any gameplay differences of any kind between the different versions…

I would say about a year now. whee.

For as long as I had my saturn I never had to worry about a battery for it, I think it is because i have that action replay card.

I’m going berserk here!!!

I was having one hell of a time playing PDS agehn after so long and just when I arrive to disc 4…poof!

My disc 4 is f****d up!!!Damnit!I managed to get it to the title screen once but just when I’m about to press Start…boing!

I should have never lent this CD!Never! :’(

Is there any hope for my Cd?

You could try getting it resurfaced… I’ve heard that can sometimes helps fix errors on the disc. Otherwise, I don’t know what to suggest :confused:

What’s that?How can I do it?lease tell me.I don’t freakin believe this… :'C

Of all the people in the world this had to happen to a PD fanatic… :'C

I’m currently replaying disc 3 to check if there’s the possibility of the savegame beeing corrupted (shot in the dark uh?)…