How have you been playing Panzer Dragoon: Remake?

I’ve asked this in the past, but now that the remake here, which system did you get it for? You currently have two options. And how are you going about playing it?

Late last year I purchased a Switch Lite (just as well; it would be hard to find a place that sells them now). I thought I’d miss the larger screen, but due to the remake having more of a cartoon look, it actually looks pretty good running on the smaller display. I don’t feel I’m missing out on too much. Not sure I’d want to play a highly detailed game such as The Witcher III like this, but I think there’s a space for lower budget games to be played this way, particularly pick up and play games like Panzer Dragoon. I’m not normally into portable gaming, but I’ve been enjoying this a lot more than the Gameboy Advance and 3DS that I’ve had in the past.

It’s working out quite well, considering my main gaming monitor is currently being used as part of my workstation (for working from home during the pandemic). The Switch Lite is convenient for a quick game of Panzer.

Since Panzer Dragoon: Remake is a short game (around an hour), I’ve typically been playing a full game and then coming back to it a day or so later. Completed it on Easy and Normal, so there’s just Hard mode left now to unlock that Shadow Menu.

So, how are you all playing Panzer Dragoon: Remake?

Totally claiming they named it after me.

I’m not playing it as yet, the tortuous wait goes on for the Steam version!! :anjou_angry:


Playing it on the TV, which is how I prefer to play games. Using the Pro controller my husband got me for Christmas. I also have been playing a full game all at once. Only able to complete it in easy, and I will never be able to get the shadow menu unless something is changed with that. I get stressed out and overwhelmed easily. This explains what I experience:

I would rather not suffer in an attempt to unlock stuff in a video game. I am very happy that the whole game is in the easy mode. In the original Saturn version, I had to use the invincibility cheat to see the whole game.

I deliberated for a while whether to get the larger Switch to play this, but the single focus of the Lite as a dedicated portable appealed to me. I may pick up another copy of the remake on a more powerful system in the future to play in 4K/60fps and on a large screen, but so far I haven’t missed it, so won’t be rushing to get the PC version. I do find the modern controls a bit cramped with the right analog and right trigger so close together on the Switch Lite though, so I imagine it would be nice playing Panzer Dragoon: Remake with the Pro controller.

Yes, I think some way of unlocking the full game without beating Hard Mode is a feature that should obviously have been included in a modern remake. I get the impression they wanted to recreate the feeling of playing a 90s game, but it also limits the appeal for a modern audience. Panzer Dragoon never appealed to me because of its difficulty either, and sequel was always more appealing from that point of view.

This is something that could quite easily be added in a patch, much more easily than some of the more outlandish suggestions I’ve seen on the Discord (like patching in multiple routes!). We should keep pushing for the option to unlock everything after a set number of hours.

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Same here. But I also ordered the Classic Edition for Switch. When do you think the Steam version will release?

Yesterday the Steam page changed its release date from “This Winter” to “Coming Soon” so… Soon? :anjou_love:

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It also shows soon on GOG. Will definitely wait until that DRM release.

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Damn, they still haven’t shipped my Switch version and a release for the Steam version is nowhere in sight…Is there any kind of time frame for the Steam version?

Not yet, just “soon” :anjou_sad:

what gets unlocked w/ shadow menu ?

They’re going to change stuff with it in the next patch, but if I remember correctly options to change how the gun works, an art gallery, god mode, maybe other things I don’t remember. It will be renamed to Pandora’s Box in the next patch as well.

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