Panzer Dragoon: Remake v1.3 Patch

Video doesn’t embed right in Firefox, only Edge, maybe look into that:

Maybe it finally makes it a decent if low budget effort that doesn’t mar the legacy but is a nice update even if not as grand as one would hope for or expect from the series. We’ll see when it gets on PC I guess :slight_smile:

I played through it once. Resolution is lowered even when not in performance mode. Cutscenes are jerky. Shadows in first level seem extra jittery. Music still missing in cutscene before final boss. Final boss is still called Super Dragon.

I think the colors aren’t as neon looking as before. They look slightly toned down. Aiming is easier as well. Also had a bug near the end of the second level. I fired lasers at the worms and one laser beam stayed on the screen until the next level.

So with this new update…the new soundtrack from Saori Kobayashi isn’t implemented or is it?

@legaiaflame it was added in the previous patch.

Oh, okay good!

has anyone tried the patch- are controls a lot better?

@Lagi_Webmaster the controls are significantly improved, particularly the responsiveness in which the camera rotates when looking behind and to the sides. There are a few issues with the resolution, which appears to have decreased, although hopefully this won’t be a problem in the PC version.

Apparently there will be another patch, but I’m not sure how much will be fixed in that besides gyro controls.