How gay are YOU?

I got 39% on Arcie’s test. I’m the average guy. :slight_smile:

And, oh, GD: Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure none of us are measuring our actual sexual orientation (or anyone else’s) based on this. Little fun & games, that’s all. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if only gay people were leather pants… LMFAO

I’m 29% gay in Arcie’s test.That’s starnge since women think I’m a gentleman…

Who is that in your avatar Gehn? Please tell me it isn’t who I think it is. Your old avatar was better.

That guy is the king of kings!!!

If you keep quite you can actually hear the main theme can’t ya XD

My old avatar was cool but I can never find one that fits with my presonality completely…

Plus I like change.

25% on Arcie’s test, less than I’d imagined.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]

I’m wondering if only gay people were leather pants… LMFAO[/quote]

Nice editing there, GD.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]
It’s interesting that this test in fact associates certain habbits with being gay, which tends to misrepresent the truth.[/quote]

That’s because it’s based on stereotypes.

On Arcie’s test I got 39% gay! woohoo! That’s average according to the test


I’m wondering if only gay people were leather pants… LMFAO

Nice editing there, GD.[/quote]

Why, I have no idea what you are talking about…

One of the questions was “do you wear leather pants”, which is stereotypically gay.

I feel sorry for bikers.

I believe your original post read something like:

"I look forward to the day when I can wear leather pants and people think I’m not gay.


Well, for the record I’ve never worn leather pants, but why people perceive them as inherently gay is beyond me.

I like leather pants :smiley:

Neil… rock on. :slight_smile: \m/

I’m 23% gay by Neil’s test. Maybe I’ll do the Spark one again in a bit, too…

Looks like we have a surprisingly un-gay forum here… unless everybody lied on the “lubricants” question, of course.

Just to be sure? X)

that means your 84% gay… :stuck_out_tongue:

i got 23% gay as well. Can’t be bothered to take any more test lol


that means your 84% gay… :P[/quote]

I was wondering when someone would notice that.

Edits first post.

I did but it wouldn’t make much of a difference now would it?

I would have taken that damned test, if the pop-ups hadn’t attacked me.