How fast is your Internet connection in 2018?

I’m curious how fast everyone’s Internet connection is. I don’t play games online these days, but consume a lot of content digitally, and the connection speed can be a major bottleneck.

Here’s my result from

Ping: 20ms
Download: 2.74 Mbps
Upload: 0.41 Mbps

The Internet is comparatively quite slow here (Australia), so if I want to download a digital game I’ll often leave it downloading overnight.

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Ping: 46ms
Download: 22.90 Mbps
Upload: 0.83 Mbps

I suppose theses are horrible specs for an internet connection in Japan, but that’s far enough for my needs :slight_smile:

Ping: 37ms
Download: 1.76 Mbps
Upload: .31 Mbps

Gotta love rural DSL!

Ping 10ms
Download 135Mbs
Upload 12.9Mbs

This has gone up recently as I was only at 60 down a while back. I live in a fairly afluent suburb of Saint Louis, MO in the USA. I pay 65USD a month for it.

Ping 20ms
Download 31.24Mbs
Upload 15.7Mbs

Ping 8ms
Download 867.68Mbs (usually can vary between 500Mbs and 1Gbs depending on time of day)
Upload 170.03Mbs (minimum 100Mbs)

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Want to swap? :wink:

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I’m alright thanks :smiley:

But I noticed it doesn’t do ‘everything’. My measured ping is 8ms but the route must be very different when I play Overwatch since my ping rises to 40ms. Just as average as what I had before having optical fibre broadband :confused:

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Ping 9ms
Download 21.5 Mbps
Upload 7.78

Bow before my specs.

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Ping 14ms
Download 101 Mbps
Upload 6 Mbps
(over WiFi)

Wanted to get this in now as we’re about to downgrade the speed of our internet to save some dough. In this modern day and age, will I notice any difference between 100MB and 50MB…? We’ll soon find out!

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Ping 23 ms
Download 123 Mbps
Upload 80Mbps

Used to have rural-tier DSL, glad our street finally has fiber.