Holy shiznit. 12 hours with zero posts! 0_0

You call this a community son/girl? There’s zero commitment on your part to the works of this FAHHHHHHNNNNNNNEEEEEE community! Get yo ass off that computer chair and type! Type standing up, that will give you exercise! You had better type or you will never werk in this chickens*it outfit again!

Yeah, I thought that myself - that’s been happening quite often recently.

The Sega community is dead.

Resuscitation is 100% impossible.


I expect things to liven up just as soon as Sega announces the development of Shenmue 3, Panzer Dragoon Saga 2, and a new, true Shining Force game…

I iwsh I shared your optimism lol

So, never, then?

That’s a depressing thought, isn’t it?

Better get used to it.

As long as there are elements like guns and fear in this world there is a chance.

PS : The least probable is by far PDS2.Shenmue 3 is coming out eventually.Everyone knows that.How can someone spend money on an Online game and not have a sequel in mind for the future.As for a true SF I reckon that eventually Sega will gather some good money with their current enterprise and will attend fans requests.

I can’t be so sure about PDS2 tho since PD is the poorest of the three in terms of number of copies sold.But eventually (even if ti’s just 5 years from now) Sega won’t have a chance not to make a sequel…

I’m not going to hold my breath.

I’m sure they do have a sequel in mind, but obviously once Shenmue Online bombs (which it will :anjou_sigh:

Bunch of pessimists. =P Way to show respect for a company that must’ve given you countless hours of entertainment. Where is the loyalty? >.>

I’m a realist!


I’m sure they do have a sequel in mind, but obviously once Shenmue Online bombs (which it will :anjou_sigh:[/quote]

I don’t understand you there.Surely if SOnline bombs the chances of a sequel will go up instead of going down…

Shenmue is a series. Maybe this particular part of the series is quite different from the previous ones in some aspects but none of them sold that well either.

So, if this one bombs, why would Sega suddenly decide to ‘waste’ more money on this series when every attempt to make it sell well (shen1, shen2, shen 2 x-box, shen online) has failed?

On the other hand, if it doesn’t bomb, they could decide to just support Shenmue as an online game series for good (how many years has Ultima Online been running with new expansions every now and then?!) since they’ll have finally found something that ‘works’ for it… New expansions and what not, a sequel with uber graphics in a few more years time etc as the tradition of MMORPGs goes…

Wait… :anjou_sigh:

By “bomb” you mean beeing a success right?

No Gehn, by “bomb” we mean the opposite of success. Flunk.

But for that matter, I can see it working, a Shenmue game with ki-blasts… I mean, we are dealing here with mirrors that could spell the end of the world. >.> Concentrating ki into a ball of energy doesn’t seem that far off a leap from there.

Yes the supernatural aspect of the story had started to come into play from the end of shenmue 2 so I don’t think the magic or whatever seen in Shenmue Online is something thought of solely to make it a more appealing game but rather something that was going to exist within the Shenmue universe from the start.

Still even tho that part is ‘workable’ but we don’t know ‘workable’ the MMO aspect of the game is… I do hope it won’t be just The Matrix Online with a Shenmue theme…

Isn’t Yu Suzuki currently heading up the development of Virtua Fighter 5? It would be tragic if the Shenmue series dies with Shenmue 2; this series has helped define what Sega is (i.e. a pioneer of new genres and a visionary).

I don’t know what’s worse: allowing a series to die before the story it started is brought to its proper conclusion, or recreating it into something fans never really wanted (Shenmue Online in the case of the Shemue series, and Shining Force Neo in the case of the SF series).

The only thing that has given me any measure of hope in the Shining Force Neo debacle was Sega adding the world “Neo” to the title late into the game’s development due to outside pressure exterted by enraged fans. The game was pretending to be something it wasn’t, which went far beyond unacceptable and into the realm of unforgivable. I honestly don’t know how anyone can expect any of us to be optimistic at the moment.

Shenmue 1 and 2 were both quite successful on the Dreamcast, Alex, with Shenmue 1 selling a million copies and Shenmue 2 selling almost half that amount. Arguing that Sega should abandon unprofitable franchises doesn’t apply in this case. It’s just that both games were so expensive to develop that Sega thought its money was better spent elsewhere. I think whether or not Sega bankrolls Shenmue 3 depends on how successful Virtua Fighter 5 turns out to be. Its success would give Yu Suzuki more clout with the corporate side of Sega.

The main problem is most people see games as a single means to the same end: money. Even if Sega had all the money in the world, I bet there are people out there who would still argue that making a Strategy/RPG or a martial arts/RPG hybrid was a waste of time and money. Great games that don’t sell as well as they should or sell less than other genres are simply worthless in their eyes. And when I say worthless, I mean so worthless that these people refuse to even acknowledge the existence of those games. Anything that doesn’t sell simply ceases to exist in their world.

Maybe Ryo should be given the ability to wield automatic weapons and steal cars in the next game in the Shenmue saga in order to “broaden the game’s appeal”. What do you guys think? LMAO.

Shenmue 2 sold that much? Fairly surprising considering it didn’t get a US release…
Still, did they even break even with the cost of the games?

By the way, neo is the Greek word for new so don’t get your hopes up as it can just mean it’s the new shining force and that’s how it will be from now on… Unless they make Shining Force Classic next :anjou_disappointment: