I am new in this forum .
First I want to say, thad I come from Germany . So my English is not the best but I hope everyone can understand me ^^ .
I was searching for a German Panzer Dragoon Forum but I didn’t find any .

So I fond this and I hope I can discuss with the user on this board although it isn’t easy .


Yeah. We can understand you. If I start speaking German though, I want you to smack me as hard as you can.

Welcome Ridley.

Bem vindo Ridley :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome. And don’t worry about your English. We’ve had MUCH worse…

Welcome daddy-o. You missed the German forum by about a year =P

So we had a Scott. Now we have a Ridley.

Ridley Scott.


Anyways, welcome. Hope you enjoy conversation here.

My toughts exactly Arcie.

Ridley Scott.

Hmm… I see a connection… :slight_smile:

Hey Thanks for thad great welcome . ^u^

Welcome Ridley. Don’t worry, your english seems fine :slight_smile:


Welcome indeed.