Hi there!


:v:Ah… I’m pretty new. So I thought I was drop by and say hello! I’m a huge fan of the Panzer Dragoon series and I’m glad to find a whole site dedicated to it and it’s fanbase. I draw a bit, I’m a little shy so I maybe won’t talk to much. And I’m 24!

Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to our small community here. I hope you stick around. There’s not much happening on the Panzer front at the moment, but we talk about other games here as well.


Welcome! Nice to see another face. We have to keep the PD flame alive!


Hello there! (Ewan McGregor’s Kenobi voice)


Welcome! Great to have you floating around the circuits of Sestren with us. :anjou_happy:

We’re the same age. It’s nice to meet another younger Panzer enthusiast.


It seems that most Panzer Dragoon fans are Millennials (with Gen X being the next bracket), since that generation grew up with the Saturn. This is just based on my observation; it might be an interesting poll to do on social media at some point.


Thank you for the warm welcome guys!:anjou_love: Hope it’s been a good day for all of you.

And @Aevelia that’s awesome! I was wondering if there was anyone else my age interested in series and Here you are! By the way did you draw your avatar? It’s really nice!