Hi im new :)

I was looking around for some sort of fan-base of Panzer Dragoon series.

Im extremely glad to see there is one, i just looked around for about an hour. Very good job!

If no one minds, i wouldnt mind sticking around for a bit :slight_smile:

Ive been playing the Panzer Dragoon Series ever since i was 12 (yes when the first PD was released) and have been an ongoing enthusiast since then.

Again im very glad i found this place, and hope to see more of it!

Well hey there, I’m still new too. But I’ll say welcome anyway!


Welcome Meone.Enjoy your stay here :anjou_happy:

Hi! This is definitely the place for PD fans :anjou_love: Go and post in the Liberal Districts Official Extended Profile - a lot of people have, and it gives you a feel for who everyone else is.

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your time here, meone.

And if you get lost, just ask a cop…eh, I mean one of us. =D

Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here!

Hey, welcome to the forums.

Hi meone,

Nice to see even after all this time I’m not the only new person jumping into the forums.


Welcome to the forums!

I did the same as you, but i was only 6 or 7 when I got my first saturn! lol

Hi people!! :anjou_happy:
I am 19 year Russian boy, i realy big fan Panzer Dragoon :anjou_love:
This my perfect game!!!I love AZEL :anjou_embarassed:
hey people!!!i see friends who love Panzer like me))))This two my photo :anjou_happy:
And my ICQ number: 290974174

Cool pendant (or whatever it is). :anjou_happy:

Neat t-shirt

that pendant is wicked, where you get it?

I have made its :anjou_embarassed: