Hi Guys

About time I found a decent Panzer Dragoon Forum. I’ve been looking for people to chat with about this series since '95.

Hey, welcome to the forums - enjoy your stay.

Greetings, and good will. I hope you enjoy your time at this wonderful place.

Welcome Altobokishi :anjou_happy:


Hey Altobokishi, and welcome. :anjou_happy:

I hope you enjoy being a member of the forums as much as I have so far; they’re really very good, as are the members.

While I would like to be a lot more ‘into’ games (and as such, be able to relate to more of the topics in The Liberal District! :anjou_embarassed:), there is a great amount of interesting information and discussion, on Panzer Dragoon and otherwise, to be found. I enjoy the forums a lot, and hope you do too.

Have fun! :anjou_happy:

Bem-vindo Alto :slight_smile:

Welcome to the boards!

thx guys.

Welcome. And don’t worry, we’ll turn you into one of us soon enough. haha…Muahaha, AHAHAAHA cough