Hi everyone... Destiny begins

Hi everyone,

my name is IKKI and I’m a french fan of Panzer Dragoon games.

My favorite is Zwe? which is easily in my top 10 best games ever.

I have hopes for Crimson Dragon. Fingers crossed.

Have a good day !

Welcome. :anjou_happy:

Good to have you here IKKI!

I can’t quite pick a favorite PD game, though Azel is profound in a way none of the others could be. But Zwei is the most flawless example of a 3D on-rails shooter in existence, for me. The yardstick by which all others must be measured. :anjou_love:

Zwei is great, maybe a tad too easy, or maybe I just played it too much.

welcome ikki. what are your hobbies beside pd ?