Hi all

Hello all, ive just joined this site and im really impressed with you all.
and im so glad to see, people out there, still love these amazing games.

my saturn sits between my 360 and ps3,
simply because of them, i hope a game will one day capture
my imagination as the panzer series did!
but i doubt it! they dont make games this good anymore!

haunting unforgettable music,
amazing imaginative visuals
great soulful characters
and a story to make hollywood blush!

and gameplay that modern games programmers should learn from!
im sick of walking down the same corridors shooting the same enemys with the same gun!

anyway rant over! hehe!

take care people!

p.s look after your old saturns! ! !

WD xx


Saturns seem to look after themselves half the time, I swear mines made of steel. Left it on for a week once cos I couldn’t save, survived fine. Dreamcast died after 6 hours of continuos power on.

Hehe anywho, welcome.

Welcome to the site/forums, glad you like it here.

Welcome as well, WingedDeath.

My Saturn once had a tube of vaseline squirted into its CD Reader by my brother, and continued to function for nine more years before finally giving up the ghost. Truly, it was the Little Console That Could. :anjou_love:

Ah, but WingedDeath have you achieved that very title/rank in Panzer Dragoon Zwei, to back up your name?

J/K welcome to the PD Community!

Here is my illustrious score: