Hhgttg dvd

Great extras and commentaries aside,

The Hithhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy DVD has, one of the best digital transfers I’ve ever seen!!!

The color and black levels are so deep and richly saturated…yet don’t melt into each other!!!

I wish I had a hi-def TV to see how great it looks on that.

It’s perhaps even better looking than the LOTR DVDs. Whoever at BVD was in charge of this operation deserves some type of technical achievement award.

Oh, and, the movie is fucking awesome too.

waves a towel at Shin

Gasps Will Hollywood even dare attempt to film the remaining four? It would make a nice box set.

DVD?I’ve seen the movie in the theater last week!

XD Yeah, I think some parts of the world got it very, very late. It came out here(Belgium), oh, the 17th of August in the cinemas.