Hey there

New member to the community, but not to the series.

I’ve been a fan of PD since I first played Zwei. Saga was a radical departure from the rail shooting gameplay from the first two games, but it blew Final Fantasy 7 out of the water at that time. I haven’t played Orta yet, but I heard good things, so I might snag myself a cheap copy to play on my xbox console.

I used to be an avid video games forum member, but not any more. I tend to post on PS Cave or occasionally Shining Force Central when I’m in the mood.

So yeah, hello people. Hope I enjoy my stay here. :anjou_happy:

Greetings! Phantasy Star fans (phans?) are always welcome in my book!

Welcome, thepeaguy. I must say, peas are excellent contribution to one’s daily meal, at least those of the non mushy variety.

Enjoy your stay here. I hope you’ll stick around.