Hey, hey!


Hey guys! I’m LustyLundi, or you can just call me D! I’m from the Bronx, and I love me some Panzer Dragoon! I actually have @Robo-Mobo to thank for getting me into this great series and showing me this website as well! I’m 24 going on 25, I love to paint and draw, and I can’t wait to get familiar with everything this site has to offer. :grin::grin:Nice to meet everyone!


Welcome. I hope you like it here.


Welcome to Panzer Dragoon Legacy!


Hey! Glad you’ve finally got around to joining! :slight_smile:️:tada: Welcome!!


Thank you for showing me the site/series! And thank you @Geoffrey and @Solo_Wing for the welcome messages!:smiley:


Hi, welcome to the forum! Who’s your favorite Panzer Dragoon character? What’s your favorite game in the series?


Thank you for the welcome! My favorite above all is Paet, but I actually have 3! Mobo and Lundi are the other two! My favorite game in the series is Saga (it was the first I’ve seen) but I love them all equally!


Mobo is a bit of a Smilebit aberration, but you have good taste in characters. Paet is everyone’s daddy. plays Paet.mp3 aaahhhh Welcome to this humble Seeker communitty! PD sequel incoming, 10 years tops.


Yeah, Mobo and the Wormriders were a departure from the norm portrayed in the Saturn trilogy. I see these new cultures as Smilebit’s attempt to widen the Panzer Dragoon universe, which they intended to flesh out further in an RPG sequel. Looking back, it’s a bit of shame that Smilebit never got to fully realise their vision; as a result, the larger world hinted at in Orta feels a bit ad hoc when looking at the four games as a whole.


@GehnTheBerserker very good point! I’m glad you think so, because I do enjoy them as characters a lot. I am not sure if I would say Paet’s my daddy, but he’s not bad looking! Lol! I do hope a sequel comes around, I’d support it so bad. P.S. Paet’s theme is my jam!

@Solo_Wing I agree with you as well when it comes to Orta’s expanded world. I enjoyed the introduction of the Wormriders’ and their culture, but when I revisited Saga, I couldn’t help but find myself wondering what the Wormriders were doing at that time, like, if they were still nomads before making their home on the Lithum or if their culture as a whole is in a way “new” came Orta’s part of the story. I’m just a curious person like that. I would’ve loved to be able to explore their village though and learn how they learned to thrive on that lithum and domesticate their Baldors (aside from the powerstones) it would’ve been bomb!


Welcome buddy, it’s great to see younger players can still enjoy a game like Saga that is a bit old now… and still is one of my favorite games of all times.


Thank you for the welcome! I can see why it is your favorite, it really is a great game! :smile: