Help me (HDTV)

My parents want (need too, since my old tv is dead) to buy a new tv set.We already know it has to be 32",LCD and HDTV but apat from that we have no clue really.I know it’ll be two decades before they buy a new TV set :stuck_out_tongue: so I’m decided to brainwhasing them into buying quality material.Still…I don’t want anything TOO pricy.Do you guys have any sugestions at all?

Specific brands etc…

Unless you are dead set on getting a 1080p TV (which are still very expensive), you can find a decent range of good HDTVs around the 32" range.

I’d recommend taking a look at Samsung, Panasonic, and Sharp. I’ve personally got a 27" Samsung at work, and it’s great. Good looking TV with great picture. It has a high contrast ratio to allow for colors to pop and for blacks to actually look black… although there is some edge-correction going on that may make some pictures look almost too sharp. You can usually get (at least in the US) a 32" Samsung HDTV for around $1,100~$1,200 (non-sale price).

Panasonics and Sharps are generally more expensive, but are slightly better (in my experience). But you really can’t go wrong.

Some people insist that Sony has the best quality… perhaps if you buy an XBR, but those things are extremely expensive for their size.

You can log onto C-Net and look up various reviews and whatnot to see how various TVs are rated. I believe the TV I mentioned above (the Samsung) got a 7.6 rating, which is fairly decent.

Samsung gets my recommendation… just be sure it’s 720p or 1080p, heh.

I ended up convincing my parents to buy a SAMSUNG LE 32 N71BX/XEC which is a N73 series product … bdxxeu.asp.

The TV arrives Thursday.Thanks guys.Thanks heathen.

Good choice.

I see that you’ve already got it, and while that looks like a good choice, I’d just like to offer my thoughts to other potential HDTV buyers.

You don’t necessarily have to get a TV. In my case, I’m quite content to use my PC monitor as a high definition screen for everything… the computer, TV (through a TV capture card), DVDs, music, Xbox 360 set to 1080i and all my previous systems as far back as the Saturn. I have the Dell 24" Widescreen LCD, and it’s great, although I do believe that it doesn’t do 1080p, only up to 1080i (but I could be mistaken).

The great thing about owning a high definition monitor is that the vertical resolution is slightly higher than that of an HDTV, so I can run newer PC games in 16:10 and Xbox 360 games and DVDs in 16:9 (with small black borders). Anyway, that’s an alternative option if you’re like me and don’t watch much TV. There are a number of good quality (and cheap) displays out there if you shop around.

I wound up trying a discontinued clearance 42" DLP from Akai, for the price I’m happy enough with it, I risked it because subjectively the image was really appealing compared to nearly every other equivalent set in the store at the time, and I do really like the color response with the 360 and RGB. But that’s the one big issue and I almost traded it for another set, it’s supposed to have the perfect native resolution for being a 360 monitor, but the set freaks out with the RGB output set to that resolution, so I have to use the next highest RGB res which means there’s a little extra image scaling (compression in this case) happening in the set. Not too noticeable unless there’s really small text or something, like the character names in PSU…

So umm, I guess I don’t have a clear purpose with this post since I certainly couldn’t recommend the set or Akai. But since I made the decision if I was going to get a digital display TV I wanted it to be pretty big, after looking at a lot of LCD’s, Plasmas, and DLP’s, I decided that DLP’s have by far the nicest image right now, for videogames in particular. Plasmas just look like crap to me unless they’re like 8k plus models, and while I love the color on the nicer mid-size LCD’s, the still very noticeable latency and the stark edginess of the pixels turns me off a little. Most DLP sets look at least as sharp and defined as LCD yet somehow also more blended, closer to the quality any decent CRT SVGA monitor has. Unless it’s a space issue, or you just really have a problem with the idea of replacing bulbs or the somewhat noisy fan in most sets… anyone looking for an HDTV primarily for next-gen gaming, and who want a big one, should take a serious look at the Digital Light Projectors, IMO.

Well Solo your solution is completely out fo the question since…there are 7 persons living in this house and this is suposed to be the replacement for my living room tv.(even tho the number of persons inside the house at one point varies alot :stuck_out_tongue: : giving me some room to actually game now and then.)

Don’t DLP bulbs cost about $300 to replace? And don’t you have to replace them every 3 years or so?

Yes, and no. The new DLP TVs use only one bulb (early generation models used three) and these bulbs have a lifetime of 50,000 hours or more. So, basically, you would have to run your TV set 24/7 for almost 5 years straight to need a bulb change.

Ah true, yeah a TV would probably be a better choice in your case then.

Although, Apple and Dell do up to 30 inch monitors now, which would probably come with some insane native resolutions. But of course, those monitors are likely to be quite expensive too, so an HDTV might work out cheaper (depending on size and quality). Plus checking your emails on a 30 inch screen might be a bit over the top, although I would probably do something crazy like that if I had the money to spare. :anjou_love: