I am Tan Wu Yu, but you may call me TanTan.

I’ve been playing Panzer Dragoon games since I was about nine years old. They’re the reason why I got a Sega Saturn in the first place. Last night, I bought Panzer Dragoon Saga on eBay. I’ve been looking for that game since 1998, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Now I will finally be getting this game. Then I will have all of the games released in the US, except for Orta. I don’t have an XBox and I’m not getting one just because there’s only one game for it that I want.

I hope I make some friends here. I’m shy around people that I don’t know, even on the internet.

Greetings fellow newcomer!

Out of interest, how much did you pay for Saga?

I payed $199.99 for it. Even though right now I’m trying to save up enough money for a trip to Taiwan, I just had to get this game because of how long I’ve been looking for it.

It took you 9 years to remember eBay?
For shame.

Well, I would occasionally search for it on eBay, but I could only find the soundtrack. But the night before, I dreamed about some Panzer Dragoon game where I was flying over the ocean on my dragon while being chased by something scary. When I woke up, I had the urge to search for Panzer Dragoon Saga on eBay, and I finally found it.

Cool Atolm chases you over Uru (a very oceanic place) at one point and some other thing chases you in the same place.

Tip: When you reach the Underground Ruins of Uru (you’ll know what it is in due time) and come across enemies in a group of four that closely resemble flowers… DO NOT USE THE HOMING LASERS!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO!!!

I must confess that I too paid $200 for PDS on eBay, and that was four years ago.

Now, am I content with my purchase? Very. But PDS, as good as a game as it is, really isn’t worth the insane price that it goes for on eBay.

Which is why I am trying to sell it for that very reason.

Hey, don’t look at me like I’m a criminal. Neil needs books for college since he has no monies :anjou_sad:

Ha ha I got it for fifty quid off eBay which is about $98. Which is weird cos new xbox 360 games cost that much. It’s in mint condition too! Bargain!

[quote=“Neil”]Which is why I am trying to sell it for that very reason.

You are banished from this place! Never return!!!

I can’t help it. I like money. PDS makes Neil $200 richer.

Plus I have this lingering fear that they will one day remake/rerelease the thing and it will be worthless.

Must make profit. Must sell now.

I bought it for ?25 when it was first released. I can’t remember where it was, but I don’t think I ever saw it being sold at a reasonable price again.
The instruction manual had a bottle of water spill over it, so the pages are kinda creased, but overall, it’s in decent condition. :anjou_happy:

Yeah, I pre-ordered mine somehow before and collected it for a very reasonable price. Of course, it was brand new; I only wish that I’d taken the care of it then that I would now. The discs and manual have definitely seen better days, and somebody threw the outer box away! :anjou_sad:

How crazy is the price you can get a Japanese edition for though - some of them even new.

hmmm… if my copy of saga was worth ?1000 i still wouldn’t sell it :slight_smile: (truth)

but then again if i didnt have it, i wouldn’t buy it for that much either tho

I just got my game today! :anjou_happy:

But I can’t play it right now because my Saturn is in my mom’s room and she’s sleeping right now.

Welcome Tan Wu Yu. Enjoy that precious first time through PDS!