Hello, Stranger here

Hello I’m new here and well… I have been recently got back onto Panzer dragoon series and I might be a bit shy. Still i hope to have a wonderful time with ya guys I also draw a bit. :anjou_happy:

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Welcome to our little community here. How long have you been into drawing? Created any Panzer art?

Well, to be honest I have drawn so many cartoon like characters in the past, most of the are sketches of dragons and some more like this one out of memory http://i.imgur.com/3v76fbV.jpg , but lately I have been with a head rackin’ for an idea i wanted to try, over my inspirations over panzer dragoon, a certain monster rancher like game called Dragonseeds and a bit of other things. Its a work in progress but i do have many sorts of ideas or what nots. Its not panzer -like but feel free to look I n all honesty I just do these sort of things for fun. and http://imgur.com/a/EoVhw

Hello there. Nice to have you join us and I hope you enjoy your time here.