Hello. Just thought I would say Hi as I'm back!


I’ve posted a few things recently but I just thought I would take this chance to announce my re-arrival…revival?!

I don’t know what’s changed, who has gone and who is still here, but hopefully some of you remember me.

I won’t be posting THAT often but I just wanted to say, it’s good to be back.

Regards guys!


Y halo thar. Nice to have you back. Now all we need is the return of RYB!


Welcome back Pete :anjou_happy: Please stay!Or else…

That’s a nice ass, Gehn. Er, in your avatar, I mean…

Y’know what bugs me about Tomb Raider? Everyone, and I mean everyone (the amount of professional articles I’ve read stating it too) seems to believe that Tomb Raider started life on PlayStation.


Yes! I say this to people, and they don’t believe me. Fecking knobarses. Oh well, we know the truth ay? :anjou_happy:

Why thank y…oh!

Btw : The day people educate themselve son everything gaming is the day gaming feels less special to me…