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Sudeki Interview
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Headhunter 2
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I see Sega is taking the same route as it did with Nightshade by making one of the lead characters a sexed up cyber-chick. I have no problems with female characters when they aren’t used to bait in a male audience through pure sex appeal, but this is probably the case here.

Im Deffinitly geting the game.
Not because of the new female but because the first game was very good.
Only complaint I had was the Bike was hard to control when it does the weelie!

I’ll wait until the game suffers the scrutiny of the gaming public before even thinking about buying it.

They claim the game is pretty much identical to the original but I really hope that’s not the case…
It was a decent game but it had some very crappy bits…like the last boss battle for example… And how it all felt quite UNinteractive, it also didn’t have enough of anything, not fast enough action, not enough stealth, not enough motorbike bits… I really hope that even if the gameplay has remained pretty much the same (though combat really needs to be improved) they have atleast better designed levels and game flow… With that it could be a hit, without that it’s doomed for mediocrity just like the first game.
And to add that IMO that kind of chick actually FITS in this kind of game world… Just in the same way the cheesy protagonist with the mullet(!) of the first game fits in it :slight_smile: Have you played the original Dreamcast game Geoffrey? It’s allright if you can get it for CHEAP (And you should be able to)

Here are my impressions of Headhunter for the Dreamcast so far:

The graphics engine is beautiful and runs at a consistently smooth frame rate most of the time. For a Dreamcast title there really shouldn’t be any slowdown at all, but when it did rear its ugly head it was only minor and didn’t affect the gameplay (unlike say… in a racing game when you’re turning a corner at the same time as several opponents…).

The frame rate seemed like it dropped from a fluid 30 frames per second to a consistent 20 frames per second, which wasn’t too disconcerting. As rare as it is, slowdown is totally unacceptable. However, combat in the on-foot areas never slows down.

Next, why the hell don’t any of the 3D character models utilize real-time facial animations and lip movement? Thankfully, most of the game’s cutscenes are sharp high resolution cinematic sequences that blend with the in-game graphics seamlessly.

The combination of stealth and combat is balanced perfectly in my opinion. If I wanted to play a game involving pure stealth tactics, I’d play Thief: The Dark Project again.