Have you guys seen this?

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Lucky sod… Hope his dad didn’t get in much trouble…

Someone in that thread says he’s only as lucky as anyone having an X-box but, meh, he’s lucky because he gets to test out pre-release stuff and, um, for free… And if he has the console this early I’m sure he’ll get a hold of a game or two later on as well…

  1. His dad’s title sounds like a fancy word for “game tester” (not to say testers aren’t important; I just doubt he’s in any position of power)

  2. If his dad is a tester, what’s he doing bringing home a beta kit?!

  3. If he is a tester that just got hired, you can bet yer arse that he’s likely been fired.

  4. The beta kit is loud :wink:

lol… fancy word for game tester :anjou_love:

So, another lucky sod huh… do you know if the Revolution kit is loud too or not just yet :wink:

X360 launch = this year

Revolution launch = ???

I’ll let you figure out what that means. :anjou_embarassed: