Happy happy joy joy


is into uni


good luck to everyone else getting exam results!!


W00t for you Scott. I also passed my exams for last year, so I’ve succeeded in not failing uni for another year. Hurray!

Though I’m curious to know what that image is - it’s not linking properly for me…

should work now, tweaked some of my host settings =)
theres a better picture on my homepage :anjou_love:

Thanks Lance, i get started on the journey of uni next year then =)
I see see what its like doing all this work you always tell me about =P
(arcie too for that matter)

Congratulations!! When do you start?

Thanks, Sept 22nd =)

Maths degree

i was 7 marks off an A in maths too =S
still good grades overall =)

They grow up so fast :anjou_sad:

wow, congratulations :anjou_happy: ) hope you do well on your courses

And an even further belated congrats on my part. XD

Wow Scott, a kid your age beeing accept into college is a feat indded!Jk man congrats! :anjou_happy:

I’ll known if I entered or not in two weeks or so.