Guardian Heroes

Has anyone played Guardian Heroes for the Saturn?

I want to get it, but the NA version is sort of expensive and I was thinking of getting the less (but still kinda) expensive JP version and was wondering if someone could tell me how much text is in the game and how important it is.

For a side scrolling beat 'em up, the game contains a lot of text. The game allows you to choose your path through the game at the end of each level, which gives the game great replay value.

The game shouldn’t be that rare as it was an early Saturn title released in English in both America and Britain. I wouldn’t pay ?50+ for it but the English version is highly recommended.

Guardian Heroes was an early Saturn game…? And it was released in Britain? o.O

Early for us, and yes, it was released here. The game isn’t rare enough to justify a ?50+ pricetag.

See, I thought it was a 1998 game, only released in NTSC terrain, with prices of over ?100 following it around.

Guardian Heroes was released to audiences outside Japan shortly before the arrival of Sega Rally. It’s a refreshing addition to the side scrolling beat 'em up genre with hectic amounts of on-screen action. The Saturn was well-equiped to render the awesome blend of 2D and 3D graphics we see in the game.

God knows what I was thinking of then.

You were probably thinking of Radiant Silvergun, which is another classic Saturn game developed by Treasure.

I admit, Guardian Heroes is a great game, but some people portray it as a little too great in order to profit from it. The fact that it’s one of the few gems released for the Saturn seems to have inflated the price as well.

I always see a few copies of Guardian Heroes being sold on Ebay every week; is it so rare, then, as to warrant the ?50+ pricetag? Does that price really reflect its rarity?

I own this game, and is really quite Brilliant. It’s a side scrolling beat em up with a really fun story. And was said it has branching paths that add a fair wack of playability (there being 45 characters in multiplayer mode and 40 or so have to be unlocked through the single player game).
I certainly think it’s worth tracking down, but those prices do seem exorbitant. I dont believe they get as high on, regularly fetching $40/50 Australian dollars (for those of you in UK or the states could maximise on exchange). However it hasnt been showing up as much Brilliant game and worth buying.

holy crap, i hope so!

i actually got it and PDS for $80 total, both mint condition.

i only recently got around to playing it (when i realized it was a treasure game :D). it’s some fun stuff, but you have to find a character that suits you or you will get hustled. typical insane treasure gameplay :slight_smile:

Guardian Heroes? Yeah, I can still dig it up. I played this thing when I was like, six, and I still remember I thought it was pretty cool.