Guardian Dragon statue

Hi everybody,
If you didn’t see me on the forum during the last weeks, it’s because of the following statue :

I began it 2 months ago. First, I made the “wings”. Of course, I didn’t sculpt the 7, but just one that I mold. Like this, I was able to get 7 similar wings ! Then I made the body. It was hard to find some good artworks of it. I used pictures of “Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon Zwei”, but they were in black and white. Finally, I had to use the data screen of PD Saga to have the rights colors of the Guardian dragon.

Dimensions : length 30 cm ; wingspan 46 cm (!). Scale is 1:700e (cm).

You can find more pictures on our Guardian dragon statue webpage (comments are in french…) : … rdian.html

And the making of the wings : … rdian.html

Hope you will enjoy this creation !

No dude… no one can possibly make models this good. x.x

You. Rock.

O M G.


That is awesome.

Excellent work!

Well done!

Woah, this is your most impressive creation yet for sure! You hit a bullseye with the way the armor looks! Really great work!

Damn you for moving the goalposts once again!

But nice.

Brilliance :open_mouth:

That model looks amazing - excellent job!

Your skills are amazing.

Wow! Very nice!

Wow…just wow.

This sucks.Even I could do better.No offence man but you need to train a bit.

X) Just wanted to be original :wink:

Very good but it doesn’t beat Darky :smiley:


Wow, what media did you make that from?

If I were you and if the weight allows, I’d suspend that from the cieling with wires.

mwhehehehe now if you do a Atolm one I just may buy it from you.

really great work! Don’t stop until you do all of them.

When are you going to do a classic air ship? You could sell those on ebay!!!

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]This sucks.Even I could do better.No offence man but you need to train a bit.

X) Just wanted to be original :wink:


The first time in ages you’ve made me laugh out loud, Gehn! :smiley:

Well, I can’t really say anything that hasn’t been said, so…


…yeah. Holy freakin’ crap and all that.

Zzoull, you’re a very talented bloke! Those models ooze pure ownage 8)

What’s your next project gonna be?

Like Atolm suggested, an Atolm dragon model would be just awesome!

“More awesomer” would be a a Eye Wing dragon or a Grig Orig.