Greatest Sega Saturn Games!

Ok, you may have seen these systems before but here I go with it now!
Baisically you choose your top 10 favourite Sega Saturn games and they get point values from 1 to 10 accordingly (your first place vote gets 10 points, tenth place get 1 point). Once you have decided on your games please do not go back and change them!! That will just confuse things! I will be editing this first page as more votes come in ^_^. I guess all games are allowed (UK… USA… JAP…)
Also if you can’t think of 10 games then however many you can is good. just minimum of 3 and max of 10. If you do less you cannot come back and add more, or change places! If you can’t decide something - don’t post it yet! I had to think long and hard of my top 10 :slight_smile: It was a mixture of gameplay, fun, and memories of the times when i played it, and who i played the games with… I miss those days :’(
Btw - any mini games can’t be added seperately, i.e Death Tank Zwei would be part of Duke Nukem 3D. Have fun!

[size=150]The Greatest Sega Saturn Games List![/size]

Last Top Ten List Added:- [size=109]Chuck[/size]

**1) **Panzer Dragoon Saga (103)
**2) **NiGHTS into dreams(60)
**3) **Panzer Dragoon Zwei (55)
**4) **Shining Force 3 - PAL (38)
**5) **Sega Rally Championship (32)
**6) **Sonic R (30)
**7) **Shining the Holy Ark (24)
**8) **Sonic Jam (18)
**9) **Guardian Heroes (18)
**10) **Tomb Raider (18)
**11) **Dragon Force (16)
**12) **Saturn Bomberman (11)
**13) **World League Soccer '98 (10)
**14) **Dark Saviour - PAL (10)
**15) **Shining Force 3 scenario 1 - JAP (10)
**16) **Shining Force 3 scenario 2 - JAP (9)
**17) **Burning Rangers (9)
**18) **Riven (9)
**19) **Shining Force 3 scenario 3 - JAP (8)
**20) **Panzer Dragoon (8)
**21) **Virtua Fighter 2 (8)
**22) **Duke Nukem 3D (7)
**23) **Radiant Silvergun (7)
**24) **Riglord Saga 2 (7)
**25) **Mysteria (7)
**26) **Croc: Legend of the Gobbo’s (6)
**27) **Sonic 3D (6)
**28) **Dark Saviour - JAP (6)
**29) **Christmas NiGHTS (5)
**30) **Resident Evil (5)
**31) **Exhumed (5)
**32) **Fighters Megamix (5)
**33) **Quake (4)
**34) **Winter Heat (3)
**35) **Gex (2)
**36) **Worms (2)
**37) **Steep Slope Sliders (1)
**38) **Bug! (1)
**39) **Command & Conquer (1)
**40) ** ()
**41) ** ()
**42) ** ()

List will continue…

how this meant to work, are we meant to list our own ones then you stick in in there?

well mine go…

  1. Shining Force 3
  2. Panzer Dragoon Saga
  3. Shining the Holy Ark
  4. Sonic Jam
    5)Panzer Dragoon zwei
    6)Sonic 3D
    7)Sonic R
    8)Nights into dreams

After much deliberation:

  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga
  2. Shining Force III
  3. NiGHTS
  4. Tomb Raider
  5. Sega Worldwide Soccer 98
  6. Christmas NiGHTS
  7. Sonic R
  8. Panzer Dragoon Zwei
  9. Sega Rally
  10. Sonic 3D

1.Panzer Dragoon Saga
3-Tomb Raider
4-Panzer Dragoon Zwei
5-Panzer Dragoon
6-Fighters Megamix
8-Nights into Dreams
9-Virtua Fighter 2
10-Duke Nukem

  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga
  2. Dragon Force
  3. Guardian Heroes
  4. Radiant Silvergun

That’s all I want to add.


[size=67]It got 15% in SSM[/size]

Do it seriously, fool!

  1. Shining the Holy Ark
  2. Panzer Dragoon Saga
  3. Shining Force 3
  4. Mysteria
  5. Saturn Bomberman
  6. Panzer Dragoon Zwei
  7. Nights
  8. Sonic Jam
  9. Sega Rally
  10. Sonic R

[quote=“vyper03”]1. Shining the Holy Ark
2. Panzer Dragoon Saga
3. Shining Force 3
4. Mysteria
5. Saturn Bomberman
6. Panzer Dragoon Zwei
7. Nights
8. Sonic Jam
9. Sega Rally
10. Sonic R[/quote]

we have another STHA fan woohoo! I loved the game, excellent! did you get everything possible? such as the critical hit weapons for Rodi + Akane and re dagger and all pixes? sorry, I go mental for STHA.

Yeah I did everything i could, I got all my characters to level 99 from hattaris, took ages. Thats one of my fav. games of all time. StHA was my first RPG and it got me addicted to the genre.

my first as well^^ can you not get any higher than lv99? I’m on about 70 to 80…not to far leftn to go^^

Let’s see:

Shining Force 3 scenario 1 (Japanese)
Shining Force 3 scenario 2 (Japanese)
Shining Force 3 scenario 3 (Japanese)
Riglord Saga 2 (Japanese)
Dark Savior (Japanese)

The Japanese version of Shining Force 3 scenario 1 has superior voice acting than its localized counterpart; in fact; Sega should have spent their money translating the following scenarios instead wasting money hiring unconvincing voice actors for the localization.

Dark Savior underwent a cencorship ordeal courtesy of Sega of America that not only cut the only way to complete the game out of it, but toned down some of the artwork to remove anything that might prove offensive to the eyes of an 8 year old. Thank you very much.

Panzer Dragoon Saga (PAL)
Dragon Force (PAL)
Guardian Heroes (PAL)
Panzer Dragoon Zwei (PAL)
Panzer Dragoon (PAL)

Dragon Force 2 (Japanese) is arguably superior and inferior to the first game, but since it was never translated, we’ll never know.

You’re played it?!

Anyway, my top 10 list would go something like this:

  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga
  2. NiGHTS Into Dreams
  3. Dark Saviour
  4. Panzer Dragoon Zwei
  5. Shining the Holy Ark
  6. Shining Force III Scenario 1
  7. Guardian Heroes
  8. Sonic R
  9. Sonic Jam
  10. Panzer Dragoon

I’d like to be able to add Radiant Silvergun to that list, it would undoubtably be on there judging by it’s sequel. Dragon Force and Burning Rangers are two others I’d like to play one day as well.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

You’re played it?![/quote]

No, but I know enough about it to know it is superior to the American/PAL version in every way imaginable.

It was a shame inane cencorship policies ruined a great game.

and it seems that PDS zooms ahead in first, then Nights inot Dreams,then SF3…I’m not surprised really^^

If anyone is wondering - this was my top 10

  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga
  2. Sonic R
  3. Sega Rally
  4. NiGHTS
  5. Croc
  6. Saturn Bomberman
  7. World League Soccer '98
  8. Winter Heat
  9. Duke Nukem 3D
  10. Command & Conquer

Also, I havn’t added Duke’s yet… I wanted peoples opinions on How i should go about it.
For the Jap versions of PAL games, should i make seperate entries, or just include them with the normal one? (Shining Force 3 scenario 1, Dark Savior). Also i think i will put all 3 Shining force scenarios sepete unless anyone has any objections

Btw, how comes this was moved from the liberal district into the holy district?

'K Here be mine!

  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga
  2. NiGHTS into Dreams
  3. Panzer Dragoon Zwei
  4. Sonic R
  5. Sega Rally Championship
  6. Sonic Jam
  7. Burning Rangers
  8. Guardian Heroes
  9. Worms
  10. Steep Slope Sliders

Solo must’ve moved it, but it seems more suited to this forum anyway.

Damn I forgot to mention Burning Rangers!

what the…I was sure I…posted…erm, ok, well if they got deleted…well done, cos they were a little weird anyway…I never got to play Burning Rangers, the clip of it I have makes it look REALLY good? is it really good?