Gravity Rush Remaster and Gravity Rush 2 announced for PS4


I already talked about how much I liked the original Gravity Rush in an earlier thread, but the game always felt like the limitations of the PS Vita were holding it back. A remastered version of the original game and its sequel are now heading to PS4, where I think the franchise really belongs. If I didn’t have a PS4 already, I’d buy one to play this game. These are a day one purchase for me.


The trailers look good. I do like games that give the player a feeling of flight and flow.

Will the games be packaged together on PS4 or released separately?


Separately. The remaster will be released in December 2015 in Japan and February 2016 elsewhere, apparently. The sequel will be released somewhere in 2016. The remaster is also being handled by Bluepoint games, who are about the best in the business when it comes to HD remasters. It’ll also be running in 1080P at 60 fps, which makes me wonder what this means for the sequel. It seems unlikely to me that the sequel is going to be able to do the same, given the graphical improvements made to the game.


Digital Foundry compared the Vita version to the PS4 one. There’s a dramatic boost in visual quality, and it’s even running at 60fps.


Here’s an interview with Keiichiro Toyama regarding the remaster:

The game will be released next week in the EU, looking forward to it!


Been playing the game now. It definitely lives up to expectations. I always thought it should have been a console game and playing the PS4 version only confirms that for me. Looking forward to completing it again.


The E3 2016 trailer for Gravity Rush 2. It’s looking better than ever, I can’t wait to play it.


Gravity Rush 2 got a new trailer at the Tokyo Game Show 2016. It’'s a fantastic trailer, especially for fans of the first game. But I would suggest not watching it if you haven’t played the original Gravity Rush. Importantly, it suggests that we’ll get answers to the questions from the first game. However, it also seems to be building towards the end of Kat’s story. I really hope it has a good ending.


A short delay until January. While I probably won’t pick up the sequel, I am glad that innovative titles such as this are still getting made (that aren’t limited to an indie game budget).

It sounds like Gravity Rush 2 will be an RPG sized game at 20-40 hours long. At least players will have a lot to come back to if there isn’t a third game.


I don’t mind. Apparently they’re not confident releasing the game amidst the competition towards the end of the year, and that’s probably a valid concern. Did you end up completing the original, @Solo_Wing?


I’m about half way through the game. I’m keeping the PS4 until at least the end of December, so I have a few more months to complete the game if I choose to do so.


On a somewhat Panzer Dragoon related note, the game’s director Keiichiro Toyama came up with the idea of Gravity Rush after seeing drawings from Moebius depicting floating cities and people. The game’s art style is also reminiscent of the one used in French comics. Some of the songs also “sound” French, despite being in a fictional language. The song below is a good example of that (note that it’s the song played at the ending of the game, although it doesn’t spoil anything). The story behind the creation of the song is rather interesting, as it was made at a point where development of the game wasn’t going well. The song is originally called “Jeuchalais Evule Plelat / You Will Die (So Don’t Worry)”, also known as Douse Shinundakara.


This is a 20 minute Gravity Rush animation by Studio Khara, titled Gravity Rush: The Animation “Overture”. It details the events that lead up to Gravity Rush 2. It’s actually really good, and I imagine it might even get people who’re not familiar with the franchise to check out the games. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles on the video, as it’s entirely voiced in the game’s fictional language. It often reminds me of the Panzerese in Panzer Dragoon Orta, for that matter. Anyone else find it similar?


I was thinking about getting Gravity Rush 2. The Moebius style design, world, and music all look and sound very interesting to me. Although Gravity Rush 2 seems like a vast improvement over the original so, I don’t think I can go back to the original game. I’d rather play the second one…

If I start with the second game am I missing anything important concerning the continuation of the story and world. Or is the second game sort of self-contained?


You’d be missing a lot of information to be honest since the sequel concludes Kat’s story and answers a lot of questions from the first game. However, that’s not to say the game wouldn’t be enjoyable as 2/3 of the game has a more self-contained storyline, but the last part in particular is really a direct sequel to the first game. If you don’t feel like playing the original game (which doesn’t actually take long to complete), you should consider watching a playthrough or read up on the story of the original game and also watch Overture.

I’ve been playing the game since its release and, well, this franchise has really become one of my all-time favorites. It has unique gameplay, an imaginative world, an intriguing storyline, a brilliant soundtrack and a very likeable cast of characters. Only the camera is really something I found problematic at times, but it’s a minor annoyance. I had little difficulty with the stealth missions so many reviews complained about. Not everyone will like it, but that’s something that can be said about Panzer Dragoon as well.


This series really is unique! It’s like a more mature version of Nights into Dreams! And I’ve heard people say there is a lot of dream symbolism in this game. And they are right! I really like the Rift Planes, very surreal!

The flying and control of gravity is very innovative. Falling, zooming forward all while controlling your direction. There is even a made up language like Panzer Dragoon! I was getting serious Orta vibes!

I’m nearing the end of the first game and can’t wait for the second!


Great to hear that you like the first game! It’s safe to say that you’ll like the second game as well, it realizes much of the potential that you could already see in the first game. And the made up language is more prominent in the second game as well. Don’t forget to watch Gravity Rush The Animation - Overture before starting the second game!


Thanks, will do!


I looked up Kohei Tanaka, the composer. He did some of the music for Legend of Legaia and The Granstream Saga; two of my favorite games! I guess it was fate that I would eventually play these games!


I like Gravity Rush 2’s soundtrack more than the first, which says something about its quality. One of the tracks in particular (the one for the Bangha Settlement) sounds very Panzer Dragoon-like. In fact, the flying ships in Gravity Rush 2, which use large crystals underneath the ships to float, are also reminiscent of Panzer Dragoon. Otherwise, I do agree with this game resembling NiGHTS into Dreams to some extent. The online elements in the second game are also rather interesting. While single-player, you can interact with other players online by sending them in-game photos of treasure locations, or let others review your photos. Some of my own photos:

Also, the second game will get free DLC in March where you get to play as Raven.