Gravity Rush Remaster and Gravity Rush 2 announced for PS4


About the online: do you need to have a paid online subscription to playstation network or playstation plus to use these features? Or are they free like in Journey?


I couldn’t bring myself to finish the original Gravity Rush. I agree with most of the positive comments that have been posted here. The main problem for me, I think, was the feeling of disorientation. I had similar trouble playing Ecco: Defender of the Future.

I tried the demo of Gravity Rush 2 before selling my PS4 though, which seemed like a better version of the same concept. I think everyone with a PS4 should at least try the demo to get a taste of this unique series.


Ecco was just a nightmare with little to no direction as far as your objective was concerned and a horrible map. This game in my opinion doesn’t suffer from such flaws and always has markers pointing you in the right direction.

Was it just too much of a hastle to readjust yourself and your surroundings, after being upside down or on the side of a building? I can kind of see how that may be a problem. The camera has completely flipped upside down on me a few times.

Aside from that I still thourally enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and being propelled at high speeds! I also found it addicting finding and collecting all of the precious gems scattered throughout the different sections of the city.


The constantly changing camera is another thing for the brain to keep track of. A lot of people don’t mind or even enjoy a lot going on at once. I think there’s a point where games become less enjoyable because of overstimulation, but it’s different for each individual what that point is. My tolerance is likely lower than others here since I have higher sensory processing sensitivity than most. That doesn’t take away from the quality of the game, but it decreases the appeal for a subset of gamers.


Charming characters, the feeling of soaring through the air,…it’s like a dream! (Gravity Rush 2 mini Review)

Gravity Rush 2 Pros:

I’ve beaten both games. I have to say, I really enjoyed this series. The first was great and the second one expanded upon that greatness! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten attached and invested in a creative, imaginative, game world.

Flying around in vibrant, bustling cities as Kat, was exhilarating and awe inspiring! A high aristocratic society above, a diverse cultural metropolis below, and farther down the clouds, a desolate town, full of poverty and struggling souls. It was nice to see the different social classes.

Aside from the diverse locations, the characters were very likable and charming, with varied and relatable personalities. The world sort of reminded me of Skies of Arcadia. Floating land masses all around! The cities and locations felt full of life and personality.

The combat felt a little loose but I give it props for trying to implement new styles. The Lunar style was especially fun, jumping up into the air like a rocket and jumping across long distances like
John Carter!

The story wasn’t anything mind blowing, but I really like how they fleshed out and provided back story to Kat’s overall character. I also like the heavy dream symbolism present throughout the game. It was almost like I was playing a more mature version of Nights into Dreams! The last boss was also very cool and fun to fight. Aside from all this in March, we are going to get a free Revan DLC expanded story line!

And now for the negatives.


-Battle system feels loose and clunky at times (for the most part it gets the job done though, just a minor fault)

-While there is a lot of variety, sometimes the sidequests can get a little tiresome. There are a “LOT” of them, and I feel if you keep doing them, you feel like you aren’t getting anything accomplished, as far as the main story is concerned. If you feel this way, just save them for the end of the game.

-The online Dusty Tokens unlock different costumes and other things, but will take a ridiculous amount of time to acquire. The most you will need are 6000 and you get only 8 per challenge! Also, like the sidequests, doing these takes too much time and takes away from the main story. If you are insistent on doing every challenge that pops up, It will most certainly detract you from doing anything with the main story. After a few hours, I had to stop and tell myself: “I’m not really even playing the game, or seeing the main story!” I had to stop and just forget about it.

-The story is strong in the beginning, weak in the middle, and strong at the end again. It’s not a major narrative blunder, but the story switches up things near the middle of the game, taking focus away from an area you started in. You will return to a familiar area to stop a serious threat to the population. Then, after that, the last part of the game is dedicated to explaining Kat’s origin story. It’s quite interesting and mysterious. It kept me guessing the entire time!

I’d give GR an 8.5 and GR2 a 9! Great overall games!


Good to hear you liked the games! I can definitely see where you coming from with the downsides you’ve listed. For the Dusty Tokens, I felt the same way. That said, I’m in the top 100 worldwide ranking for Dusty Tokens and didn’t resort to challenge farming groups. However, I did make use of that one week where you could earn a lot more Dusty Tokens to get up to 6000. The number of Dusty Tokens you get has been adjusted and at the moment I do believe it’s doable. You get 40 tokens if someone finds your treasure, and 15 if you find someone else’s treasure. Winning a challenge gives you 50 tokens. It’s slow, but it shouldn’t take months anymore to reach 6000.

On a side note, I started a Gravity Rush fansite. Even now there was still no English fansite to be found, so I thought I’d try and make a difference there.


That is cool. There’s not as many all-encompassing fan sites these days; a lot of the fan communities seem to be on social media sites now, or are run more like blogs, or have moved to Wikia. I think there’s a reason for that last one - it’s a lot easier to crowd source your content in small pieces and do quality control after those pieces have been added. If I was starting Panzer Dragoon Legacy from scratch today I would probably create it as wiki to make managing it more hands off, but that ship has sailed. You have some options while it’s in the early stages if you decide to expand it beyond a blog.


I can’t wait for the free Raven dlc! Although, I’m going to be occupied with Zelda BOTW for a while…