Got a rare treat

I’m a sucker for old school games. Yar’s Revenge and Pole Position still fire my circuits. So after years of struggling with dodgy emulators, I finally hit the jackpot. I was browsing through Toys R Us when I saw it. It was a copy of the preview disk of Rogue Squadron III for about $5. However the demo wasn’t the reason I bought it nor the price. On it was a full, arcade perfect translation of the original 1983 Atari Star Wars arcade game. This game is amazing! It was probably years ahead of its time and is still great fun even by today’s standards. I’ve never had the chance to play the numerous home versions on consoles like Atari 2600 so I don’t know how faithful they were, but it works brilliantly on the Gamecube. The analog stick gives you ample control, and the digitized voices come through clearly(as good as you can get from a facsimile of 80s technology). Now that I’ve got this gem, all that’s left to do is to try and get a hold of Rez.

That is one of my favorite arcade games of all-time. I actually like it better than Rez. Is is still possible to buy it in stores or online? I’d love to have a copy! :anjou_wow:

Ah, preorder only eh?

:ebay to the rescue:

Yeah apparently this was the disk you got when you preordered Rogue Squadron III, but now that the full game is already out, good luck finding the preview disk. Maybe I got lucky and somebody sold it back to Toys R Us. Or something.

Uhm… the Atari Star Wars AND Empire Strikes Back Arcade games can be unlocked in the full version of Rebel Strike aka Rogue Squadron III. <.<;;

Ah yeah? Well I only got what I cared about and I only had to pay $5. ^^

Fair enough then. XD