Got a GMail account! What is it they say, 'w00t'?

Yeah… finally got a GMail account! :anjou_happy:

Well, I say finally, but all I did was sign up for notifications and the invite spooler a while ago… but hey - I got one!

I think I’ll phase out my other email addresses for anything except Messenger access. Unless of course I can get a Passport for this, which I believe is possible.

I’ve been using Gmail for a few months now and love it. The ‘conversations’ especially are an extremely useful feature, it’s basically like viewing a forum topic (one message after another).

I somehow ended up with 50 gmail invites (this could be because it’s about to go live), so if anyone wants one, email me.

That’s cool of you, Solo. I thought GMail accounts were a lot harder to get. I have two invites left - thank goodness for isnoop! :anjou_happy:

I have one acount for a long time now but I never really use it.

Yeah, I think they gave most people 50 invites.

I can’t wait for Google Messenger!

Google Messenger? When’s that coming out?

There is also a GBrowser in development, supposedly, which is being worked on by some of the key developers of the Firefox project.


edit: that was ditto to shadow btw >_>

Well actually I’ve not heard anything official on a Google IM program, but it’s the obvious next step so I’d be shocked if it never came.

The quality of an IMer depends on it’s userbase.MSN has the biggest one so I see no need to get a new one.(actually I use trillian)

Really? I always thought AIM was bigger. Interesting.

Actually you might be right.But here in it’s by far the most popular.I’d say 50% of foreigners I communicate with via IMers use MSN too.

Most people over here use MSN. ICQ used to be the big IM program, but it seems to have gone out of fashion.

Shadow: I read somewhere that Google registered the name “GMessenger”, so yeah it’s bound to happen eventually, I just thought that you may have heard some firm details about it.

I used to use Trillian like Ghen does now, but since most of my friends used AIM and their away messages would always warped I got annoyed and switched to AIM. I love the transparency feature on Trillian. By the way thanks for the invite Solo.

No problem, Felix. :anjou_happy:

I used to use Trillian, and now I’m using a program called Gaim. I’m not really sure why I switched, Trillian worked fine most of the time, but then one day Trillian decided not to load up, so I downloaded Gaim and stuck with it. It uses a tabbed interface which can be useful.

I’m planning on changing my MSN address to too, so some of you guys might want to update your contact lists. I wouldn’t remove my old one quite yet, though; stay on the safe side. An’jou Happy

The index image is not displaying at the moment… An’jou Sad I’m sure it was earlier on, though… spooky! An’jou Wow

Next time you see it happen, take a screenshot, and I’ll see if I can figure out what’s causing it. Very strange.

Will do - thanks. :anjou_happy:

If Google is indeed creating an IM program, they’re probably the ones who registered (currently parked by Go Daddy)., however, is for sale.