GMR's great women of gaming

If you’ve picked up the May 2004 issue of GMR, you should’ve spotted an article about the 8 greatest females of video games. What? No Aeris? Ha. Not likely. But you’ll notice Azel holds a fond spot at number 8. Seems like not just the fans remember the legacy of Panzer Dragoon. Even THEY are waiting for the sequel to Saga. :slight_smile:

Wish I could get my hands on Saga.

Who were the other 8? Could you do a scan?

I’m a little surprised to see Azel included, but it’s good to see that she got the recognition she deserves.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lara Croft holds the top spot!

Has Claire Redfield been included by any chance?

What about that chick from Blam! Machinehead? She’s got really big, urm, guns! :smiley:

Okay. :slight_smile: The complete list.

  1. Yorda of Ico
  2. Samus Aran of Metroid(what else?)
  3. Aoi Virtua Fighter (ooookay?)
  4. Taki of Soul Calibur
  5. Nina of Breath of Fire
  6. Chun Li of Street Fighter
  7. Lulu of Final Fantasy X
  8. Azel of Panzer Dragoon Saga

Notice how half of these females are all macho types that would just as sooner kick your butt even while GMR was running letters about the abundance of women with big boobs and muscles in video games? o_O I would take Yorda, Nina, and Azel over the fighter types any day. At least Azel is strong but doesn’t fit the stereotypical warrior female. And is her flight suit styling or what?

I thank the good Lord for showing that other people, besides me, regard Azel as being sexy. Now I don’t have to hide any more.

Azel isn’t strong.Atolm is :slight_smile:

And that list sucks.Where’s Ariel???

Or why stop at 8?

Ariel? Who? The Little Mermaid? XD


(look at all the pics less you want get a bad idea of ehr looks :P)

Ugly. As. Sin.

The bottom picture doesn’t look so bad.

Charactyer Arc!Character!Not looks!That’s what is beeing discussed here!

Azel, Samus, Yorda, and Chun Li I agree with.

Azel represented a female character with inner strength, that wasn’t necessarily a “Hollywood” style beauty.

Samus was a character that showed you could have a female character as a lead that could do anything a male character was expected to do, but not have sex appeal as the main “hook” of the character.

Yorda was just… just… perfect.

And Chun Li was the first. The original. The bad ass.

Azel probably has more grace than all of those other females. She definitely deserves to be much higher on that list - if not at the very top.

I’m not sure about Taki or Aoi, but I’m fine with the rest being up there. Well, depending on which Nina from which Breath of Fire anyway. I don’t see a number after the title and I didn’t like the one from the first game as much as the one from the second.

I’m rather glad I don’t see Aeris, Lara Croft, or the girls from DOA up there. It’s good to see some less common characters recognized. I wouldn’t have guessed Yorda or Azel would be on the list, but apparently someone out there has taste. :slight_smile:

Judging from the article, it seems their most favorite incarnation of Nina is the one from Dragon Quarter.

Personally I’m a bigger fan of Kat or Momo. :smiley:

Yeah, why Aoi; she was only introduced in the third game and wasn’t even a majot player, I don’t understand why she got so much attention. I think Taki should be on the list, but a lot lower around 6 or 7. Azel in my opinion should be around 3 right behind Samus and Yorda.

I notice no one’s been pedantic enough to point out that Azel isn’t a woman yet. :slight_smile: But yeah, it’s reassuring to see that she placed higher than mainstream icons like Lara Croft and the DoA team, and that they didn’t make the cut at all. (I’m also glad to see that Samus made it in.)

Yes, Kat rocks.
I suprised we saw noone from Resident Evil.